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Why Milestone?

Feb 21, 2008   |   About Us
Why Milestone

Milestone is a leading provider of comprehensive internet marketing solutions for the lodging, hospitality and travel industry, specializing in hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, restaurants and inns. Over the years, we have developed proven internet marketing solutions that drive revenue and income for our clients and give them an incredible return on investment.

Why Milestone?

We combine our extensive experience in hotel sales and marketing with internet marketing techniques and technologies to create effective internet presence for our clients that generates additional incremental revenue at marginal cost and a phenomenal return on investment for our clients.

Our Unique Differentiators

  • Combine our experience in hotel sales and marketing with online marketing techniques
  • Developing online marketing strategies  
  • MileSearch™ organic internet marketing techniques
  • Portfolio based pay-per-click approach
  • High-quality and creative designs
  • Several brand relationships 

Milestone Accomplishments

  • Milestone is recognized as a leading educator for internet marketing for the lodging industry. Milestone has spoken for AHLA, CLIA, AAHOA, Best Western International, Eye for Travel, HFTP, and many other associations
  • Won Choice Hotel Award for 2004 best website in entire region 12
  • Hotels to HTMLs™ – Handbook and Workshop
  • Best Western International licenses the online edition of Hotels to HTMLs™  handbook for their membership

Milestone is a preferred vendor for several hotel chains, and our clients include full-service and limited-service hotels, motels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals from leading hotel chains.

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