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Jan 24, 2008   |   About Us
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Q – Do I have to update my website every month?
A – Search Engine loves fresh and relevant content. Search criteria changes every month. It is important that you update your website at least once a quarter, if not every month. For example, you've optimized a particular page for the keyword phrase “cheap wedding packages” and increased link relevancy for cheap wedding packages because of the search criteria last month. Today, however, when people are looking for “inexpensive wedding packages,” you'll be out of luck. So, it's critically important to update your site and all incoming links with current search criteria. These changes are also called algorithm updates.

Q – It looks very pretty to have website done in flash. Is flash search engine compatible?

A – It is only compatible if used in moderation. Search Engines do not read flash and images. One thing to remember, however, is that generally people do not like to see pop-up windows prompting to install flash now. If their computer does not have the program, most people will just skip the home page. That is why it's smart to keep home pages simple, content rich, and quick to download. You can always have small area of the website done in flash rather than complete website. It is important to remember, ultimate goal is to drive releavant traffic to your website. If search engine can not read your site because it is done in flash than how will customer find out? Check out Google Information for Webmasters.

Q – My page rank is five. My competitor's page rank is 4. Still they show up higher in search results than I do. Why?
A – It is very important that all your incoming links are using relevant keyword phrases to describe you. If you do not use relevant incoming links, then you are still going to have trouble ranking high.

Q – I have paid several thousand dollars to optimize my website because I wanted to be number one for Silicon Valley hotels. Why don't I see my hotel anywhere on the Web?
A – The problem is that most people want to be number one for the phrases that they think people are using to find them. But what if your search phrases are off the mark? For example, are you sure people are using ” Silicon Valley hotels” to find you. When we did our research, we found that people are looking for “silicon valley hotels motels” to find lodging in Silicon Valley . In other words, search engine optimization is all about identifing the keyword phrases people are using to search for you and optimizing your website for those specific keyword phrases. Ask your SEO firm to give you a list of keyword phrases they will use to optimize your website and then check your ranking.

Q – What should I look for when selecting a search engines optimization company? Who should we trust?
A – Look for a company that will work with you, has experience in your industry, is certified in search engine optimization skills, and can dedicate time to understand what is really needed to create your strong Web presence. There are a lot of unethical companies that will do anything possible to get your business. I think the best way to make a decision is to be active and involved in the decision-making process, by defining the goals and objectives of your internet marketing campaigns, what steps will be taken to achieve results, carefully tracking all the stats, and by carefully analysing your return on investment.

Q – Should you consider getting enrolled in 5000 Search Engines for just $20?
A – In our opinion, the internet marketing firms that offer such a service are using a 'throw it at the wall and see if it sticks' approach to something that requires pinpoint accuracy. They are usually only going to submit your home page, not all the other pages on your site. There are less than 10 major search engines, another 20 minor ones, and 4,470 that no one ever uses.

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