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Milestone Inc Wins Recognition in Google’s 2021 Business Messages Build-an-Agent Contest (Chat Application Demo)

Jul 12, 2021   |   About Us, feature, Google Update
Business Messages Build-an-Agent Contest

Milestone has been selected as a winner of Google’s Business Messages Build-an-Agent (chat application) Contest for creating an impactful demo for a brand. The contest recognized the work done by Milestone on Google’s Business Messages platform by creating a best-in-class prototype for users.

Business Messages is a feature where users can reach out to a business and chat with them. It is beneficial to deliver a highly engaging chat experience on Google Search and Maps.

Milestone Inc. is part of Google’s program for Business Messages, which enables us to learn and build with the technology and offer our customers an upgraded messaging experience through Google Search, Google Maps, and brand-owned channels.

We’ve seen that brands are interested in Business Messages because it allows them to create a more seamless brand experience and serve their customers better. Business Messages helps brands delight their customers with a conversational messaging experience.

Business Messages enhances customer care with rich features, like carousels and photos, that let businesses expand the conversation to drive loyalty, purchasing, scheduling, and upsell.

These award submissions were judged on several important criteria, including the design guidelines, best practices, using features, such as typing indicators, rich content, and engaging a live agent with a unique use case.

The Milestone build-an-agent demo in action:

Image1: User engages by clicking the “CHAT” interface.

Image 2: The user is welcomed by a personalized message from the brand. User can select – Products, Services, Industries, Sales, or Resources.

Image 3: Upon selecting “Product,” the user gets a deep dive into different products provided by the brand.

Image 4: Users can type messages and request contact details or speak to a rep.

As brands use Business Messages, they connect with customers’ personally and conversationally, treating each interaction as unique and meaningful. Business Messages are available 24/7 to the users and allow brands to answer frequently asked questions and provide the flexibility to answer any custom requests and queries.

Milestone is a leader in digital marketing software and services, and we’re excited to innovate and integrate with Business messages. We help brands build their digital presence. This award by Google is a testament to our commitment to stay ahead with best-in-class capabilities. “Our goal is to bring features to our customers and partners that help them reach their customers wherever they are,” said Benu Aggarwal, Founder, and President of Milestone.

About Milestone Inc.

Milestone helps businesses create, organize, and amplify their digital information by enhancing their digital presence to make data more accurate, consistent, and visible. We do this with a digital presence platform and add to it as much or as little service as needed to help you be everywhere your customers are. We work with major brands and mid-size businesses across industries to drive traffic, engagement, and revenue through omnichannel marketing fueled by SEO. Learn how you can leverage our proven approaches at or email us at [email protected].

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