How to Change your Facebook Profile Page to a Business Page

We were delighted to see Facebook’s newly released feature update allowing profile pages (with friends) to convert to business pages (with fans).  The story of a business creating a profile, accumulating a large following of friends, and getting stuck in a pickle once they realized they needed to update to a Facebook business page is all too common.

Here are the easy steps to migrate a Facebook profile to Facebook page:

  1. First thing to do is backup your current profile.  This is VERY IMPORTANT!  Facebook will download all your wall posts, friends, pictures, events, profile info, etc. and zip it up into a large file.  The process takes Facebook about 1 hour to run, depending on the wealth of data you have stored on your Facebook account.  To run a backup, click on account -> settings -> download your information.Facebook data backup
  2. Once you have received an email from Facebook with your .zip file of stored information, follow this link to the main migration page.
  3. Select your business type from the six possible options and fill out the short information prompts (company type, address, phone number) and hit “Get Started.”
  4. You will then be directed to your new business page.  You will notice that your profile image will be imported from your previous profile but your fan total will be listed as “0”.  Don’t worry, when you refresh your page, you will see the number quickly rise to your pre-existing fan/friend base.

Facebook Profile to Page

That’s it!  The important thing to note is that hardly any of your prior information will be transferred over to the new business page.  Your wall will be blank, your information tab will be very bare, and you will not have any photos or albums.  This is where the Facebook backup comes into play.  Simply reload your images and info (from the zip file) to the appropriate tabs.  Your defined Facebook url (ex. will remain intact through the transfer, which is huge for businesses that may be linking to the Facebook page through existing paid online advertising campaigns, blog posts, websites,  etc.

**UPDATED: Please note that we have heard other people have LOST their vanity URL when changing their profile to a page. This may be a glitch that Facebook will fix, but be aware that if your profile is, when you switch to a page you may lose this URL.

**UPDATE 4/1/2011: Due to some technical glitches for some users, Facebook has indefinitely disabled this feature at this time. Stay tuned!

**UPDATE 4/5/2011: Facebook has addressed the technical issues and this featured has again been enabled.

Contributed by: Keith DeVey, Social Media Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing

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Once the files are in the zip file and the profile is successfully converted to a page, how do you upload the files back to the wall and tabs?

Hi Christy,

Unfortunately most of that data cannot be reused on the business page. There is no way to get the information back up onto your new business page wall tab. At this time the zip file is mostly for your own files. The photos can be uploaded, but you must do this process manually by unzipping them and uploading them the way you upload any other photos to Facebook.

Mike Supple

I set up a personal profile page in order to set up a business page. I am the administrator of that page. I would like to deactivate my personal page. I can’t figure out how to do this without effecting my business page. Also, I’d like to send the link to my business page in e-mails to guests, but don’t know how to capture the one that page visitors see as everytime I go on the business page (having switched to use “The Inn at Locke House” as my page), my admin box is open. Help.

Hi Lani,

You should not delete your personal profile page if it is the only admin setup on your new business page. Deleting your profile will prohibit you from accessing your business page. I would recommend updating your privacy setting on your personal page, so that others cannot find you or see personal information. As for capturing your business page url, simply log out of facebook and search for your hotel page.


when i changed from a profile to a fan page, my friends turned to likes, but i don’t have control over any privacy settings and don’t get any wall posting feeds from any of my friends/likes. Oringinal profile page is gone. At the top left of my fan page it only has buttons for settings and logout. what happened?

Hi Sun Sports Cycle,
I am glad you were able to convert your friends into fans and make the migration to a business page. I think your issue may be centered around establishing an admin of the page. Business pages are accessed and manipulated through personal facebook profiles. So, go to your new business page and click on the top right link “see all” (under the edit page button and next to the test that says “Admins”. Once on the admin page, type in the email address of your personal facebook profile and punch in the password you use to login to the business page.

Now, when you login to your personal facebook profile, you should be set up as an admin of the page and have the ability to control privacy settings, post to the wall, etc.

The oringinal personal profile account that was switched is gone. So I tried what you suggested and added my personal profile as an administrator. Then I could use the fan page as a page (whatever that means) but still could only change personal privacy settings not settings for the fan page. Is there no way to get news feeds from my “likes” that used to be friends before I changed from a profile to a fan page?

Hi Sun Sports Cycle. Becuase you are logged in as your personal profile when you access the new business page you have set up, you will see the newsfeed of all your friends that are associated with your personal profile. To view the newsfeed of your business page fans is simple. Once you login to facebook with your personal profile, click the top right navigation button “account” and select “use facebook as page”. Once you see your business page as an option, instead of clicking on the name of the page, click the “switch” button. Now you are using facebook as the business page. You will be able to see the newsfeed from your fans. I know it’s complicated, but as you play around with it, you will start to make sense of it all.

I converted my profile to a business page, I had 900 frineds before conversion, but after the convertion was done, the page has the same number of fans (900) for only 2 days and after that it got total number of ZERO fan .. so I just want to know is there any mistake I did while the conversion? Also how could I get my fans back if there is anyway for that.

Knowing that I didn’t upload my info or wall posts before conversion because I didn’t need them. Also I didn’t upload friends because I know they will be converted to fans automatically.

Waiting for your kind reply

Hello Pinky Rose,

That is very strange that your 900 friends got converted to fans for two days and then disappeared. That sounds like some sort of glitch or bug in facebook’s migration tool. It doesn’t sound like you have done anything wrong in the process, considering your fans were originally transferred. If I were in your shoes, I would contact facebook through an email or their Facebook “Known Issues” page dedicated to strange bugs ( In fact, an issue they posted on 8/1 talks about fans mysteriously disappearing from pages. Sounds like your issue!

Please Help!

All of a sudden, when I log into Facebook, the first thing I see is the four pages I’ve created with only the Settings and Logout buttons on the top right corner, but my personal profile is GONE! My friends told me that they can no longer access my profile as well, it’s like I’ve deactivated my account…The thing is: I DIDN’T! Any ideas how can I fix this?


Hi K.M. it sounds like you somehow deactivated your personal facebook profile, which is why you can’t edit your facebook pages. Here is a page that explains how to reactivate your personal profile: Hope that helps!


I have just the same problem as K.M & am sure that i did not deactivate my account… this thing suddenly happened
K.M… did u find out any solution?
guys… any help?

Hi Zaid. One thing to keep in mind is that when you switch your facebook profile to a business page, that pre-existing profile is now gone and turned into a business page. So if you had profile named Keith Hotel, it would now be Keith Hotel the business page and Keith Hotel profile would be gone.
If you had two facebook profiles to begin with [for example, Keith Hotel profile and Keith Smith (the human being)], maybe you were logged into facebook with the Keith Smith account when you performed the transfer, thus deleting your personal human being account? That is the only thing I can think happened.

I converted my personal page into a fan page and none of my confirmed friends transfered into “likes” I had over 2400+ friends. I downloaded the backup files from my page before I converted it. Did I do something wrong? Is there a way I can get my friends to likes? Please let me know what I can do or what happened.

Hi – it looks like your 2400+ friends have been converted to fans at this point. When you do the conversion, it can take up to several hours for Facebook to convert your friends to fans. Not sure why they have this delay, but we’ve seen it several times. Eventually the friends do all get converted.

Hi Revail Clothing,

How long diid it take that your friends became likes? Cause mine doesn’t do it either after 10 hours, and saw some more reports at help discussions of Facebook.

i have recently migrated my profile to a page ,,, though now i have no fans ???? facebook has not converted my connections to my new page ??? also when i downloaded all my information ,, i lost all my personal videos ?? i did have 5000 friends and since the migration i have none ??? why is this ???? i have waited 24hrs and still not one friend has been converted into a fan ??????? !!!!!!!!!

What if none of the friends are transferred over after an hour? Is there still hope that they will all be converted to likes? Is that normal?

Hi Janice, Lenny, and Rianne,
It looks like facebook may be expereincing a lull in transfering the friends over to fans. We have not had any issues with the process in our attempts, but this recent influx in responses to this blog post has us thinking there may be some backup at facebook in converting these requests. Please let us know if you still don’t have your fans converted over after a couple days and we can investigate this further.

Our facebook account was created before business profiles were available. We created a fan page under the personal profile to represent the business. How can I convert that page to a business page without losing the personal profile? Also, we have a vanity URL for that page and 1500 likes that we don’t want to lose.

Hi Peggy, you should be able to follow the above steps to migrate your facebook profile to a page. Unfortunately you can’t keep your profile and also create a new facebook page with all the same fans. Once you swap over to a page, your profile will disappear. As for keeping your vanity URL and fan count in the migration, we have successfully migrated both in the past, but we have seen some posts lately that claim the vanity url sometimes doesn’t come with the migration.


I have a business page on facebook. I need to change the password of the business page in order for the other admins to add new admins but I dont get the option of account setting on the top right corner.

Any suggestions?

I just did what you described above. I received the zip with my accountfile and went on with creating my businessaccount. Here it went totally wrong…All of a sudden my personal account was blocked. I had to enter facebook from the same pc as before which I did. (as if I have any more) So they asked me to upload a foto from an ID. I did but then this was not accepted for unknown reasson.
So here I am with a personal account which I can’t enter, I can’t contact facebook for help and I can’t make a businessaccount. I tried to make a new account mut this is also not accepted because my emailadres is alreday in use.
Something else…It is pretty stupid that you can’t use your business email to make an account such as; info@……

If anyone has an idea what to do please let me know. this is fustrating..!!

Tony – Business pages don’t actually have unique passwords. There will be a password for your personal facebook account. Once you log in to that account you can then access your business page. From the business page admin tool, you can set up additional facebook users that will be able to access and control the page. To set up a new admin, you would type in the facebook log in email address of the user you wish to add and when you are prompted for a password, enter your personal profile password.

Alexander – I am not too sure what happened in your scenario. It sounds like something very strange happened with your profile account. Did you have two profile accounts before starting the migration (for example an Alexander Smith profile and an Alexander Shoe Company profile). It is important to note that if you just had one account (Alexander Shoe Company profile), then that was changed to a business account and then your personal account would have been deleted. That is all I can think that happened. If you are having a hard time accessing your previous personal account, I would follow this link to recover your password and log in info:


Keith – you seem to be more an expert on this than Facebook. So I am trying to know if:

1) have they fixed the problem of when you change a profile page to a “page” do you lose your vanity url that was the profile one? Was that what you mentioned got fixed? So if I was to switch my profile to a page, it allows me to keep my url from the profile that now becomes a page?

2) if you are the obvious administrator of your profile page and you sign in as the profile owner when you sign in which then allows you from a profile page to administrate any fan “page” – how does it work when your profile page becomes a fan page? Do you still sign in as normal? How do you avoid getting locked out of being able to administrate your new fan page when your normal profile signing in is not there any longer? I understand how to assign other admins to a fan page when one is established, but when you first transfer a profile to a page, the admin is yourself. So how do you then assign another admin (like the new profile page I set up which is separate then this profile one).

This blog is very helpful! As Facebook certainly doesn’t give much actual help to these type of questions. THANK YOU!

Hi Dan,
thanks for the kind words. Please see my answers below:
A) When we have switched profile pages to business pages, the unique URL has migrated over as well. We have heard of instances where the URL does not come through, but do not understand why that is?

B) When you switch over your profile page to a business page, the pre-existing profile account and login will disappear. Before you make the transition, be sure to create a personal facebook account (for example Dan ____.) This way, when you log in to your old account and switch it over to a business page, you can then take the next step of giving the Dan ___ profile admin access to the new page you created. To give admin access, go to the wall of your new business page. At the top right of this page you will see a button that says “edit page”, below that button you will see text that says “admins” and “See all”. Click on “See all” and type in the email address associated with the Dan ____ facebook profile you created.

Hope that helps.

When i turned my profile to a buisness page i got blocked form facebook , i used this feature in another 3 accounts and same result .. is there something wrong ?

-> Temporary blocked account give id !

what id should i give when i changed everything for creating into a page?

Hello Prasenjit,

If you are interested in having us assist with any social marketing activities, please contact our sales department:

Mike Supple

i need your help
i think my account is hacked and the hacker converted it to a business page and now i have the password but i don’t want this type of account i want to return back to my normal profile friends wall messages groups and other
so can i return back to my profile again ??

i want to return back to my normal profile
is it possible ??

Hello Michael,

Unfortunately you can’t switch your business page to a profile page. There is even a warning when you do the original migration that your facebook profile will be lost. I think your only option is to create a brand new profile and then message the fans of your business page to come to your new profile you have set up. I know that is not the answer you wanted to hear, but hopefully you are able to attract your fans to the new profile.

I keep on getting this message:

“Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name. Please keep it same or similar and retry.”

only the first name is missing, and i don’t realize why i should keep both names also for my page, coz only my surname is my artist name… any suggestions to solve this problem?

Hi Yan,
I would recommend logging into your personal profile and updating your name to appear exactly how you would like it to appear once you migrate the profile into a business page. To change your name in your personal profile,
1. Click on the down arrow in the top right corner of facebook and select Account settings
2. Click “edit” nest to your name
3. Change your First, Last, and Display name
The name change may take 24 hours to update. Once updated, try merging the page over.

I’m having the same issue as Yann. Facebook forced me to change my name (I couldn’t access Facebook unless I did) to a real name from my company’s name. Now when I try to convert my profile to a page, I get the same error message: “Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name. Please keep it same or similar and retry.”

Keith you suggestion doesn’t work, as I get another error message that says: “Sorry! You’ve updated your name the maximum number of times allowed and your name can’t be changed again.”

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Hi Jennifer,

That’s too bad you changed your profile name the maximum number of times. When you do change the profile to a business page, it is mandatory that the new page have the same name. Since you can’t change your profile name any more, you will have to migrate to the business page with that name. If you have under 100 friends, you can then change the name of your business page once it is created. If you have over 100 friends, then you will be stuck with the name you have.

If you have over 100 friends, I would recommend starting a business page from scratch with the official name you would like to market. Then you can message and leave wall posts for your current friends of your profile page to head over to your new business page.

Good luck!

It is too bad Facebook forced me to change my name – I only changed it that one time. To migrate it to a business page of the same name would mean the page now be my personal first and last name instead of the companies name — that will not work, obviously. I have 5,000 friends. If I start from scratch, I loose all 5,000 friends.

This is Facebook’s error and there should be a way to contact them to fix it. Sadly, I think there is not.

Appreciate your trying to help!

عندي مشكله ان حسابي على الفيس بوك تحول الى صفحه اعلان يعني لما ادخل على حسابي تظهر صفحه الاعلان على الفيس بوك وبأعلى الصفحه تسجيل الخروج والاعدادات فقط ,كيف يمكنني استعاده حسابي الشخصي القديم وهل هذه المشكله تعني انه تم اختراق حسابي ,,,,, ارجو المساعده

Has anyone been able to convert their Facebook page back to a profile? I did mine on accident.

Facebook says this:
Can I convert my newly created Page back to a profile (timeline)?
If you have accidentally converted your profile (timeline) to a business Page, you can submit a request for a reversal. Please keep in mind that it is a violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities to maintain a profile (timeline) for anything other than an individual person. If you wish to submit an appeal, you can do so here.

I need a hand I keep getting the message when trying to migrate my profile..which I was using as a business to a business page.

Our automated system has detected that the name “Fast Eddie…..l” is not same or similar to your profile name “Matt Good….”. Please keep it same or similar and retry.

Can you help please.

I am trying to change to a page and even though i am NOT CHANGING the name at all it is still saying “Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name. Please keep it same or similar and retry.”

Any suggestions would be great.


I am having the same problem as Joe above. I am trying to convert to a fan page with the EXACT same name as my current profile page and get this message: Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name . Please keep it same or similar and retry.

I am hesitant to try renaming my profile first as I have over 4,000 friends and would hate to be locked out.

Also, once I convert, can I go back and create a personal page again and limit it to friends and family?

Thanks for your great advice!

I am trying to convert my account to a fan page with the EXACT same name as my current profile page and get this message: Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name . Please keep it same or similar and retry. what shall i do ??

I am hesitant to try renaming my profile first as I have over 3,000 friends and would hate to be locked out.

Also, once I convert, can I go back and create a personal page again and limit it to friends and family?

Thanks for your great advice!

Me too. I am having the same problem as people above :( All the time I get message: “Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name . Please keep it same or similar and retry.”

I have 58 friends. I just wanted to check how migration system works. At the moment migration is not working as it should

Same issue as above… using exact same name and yet the automated message says is not similar or same.

Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name . Please keep it same or similar and retry.
i want send my friends to my fans page !! plz help me !! how to make it works ~!!!!!!
thanks waiting ur reply

Same problem as Lee and Joe – and i can\\\’t figure out how to get in contact with facebook to alert them to the problem, as clearly something has gone wrong! anyone know how to contact them directly?

I have 4999 friends and same error message appears when i try to convert. i AM using MY profile name and yet…i get “Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name . Please keep it same or similar and retry.” HELP!!!!!!

i keep getting this message:

Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name . Please keep it same or similar and retry.

looks like this is a common problem, especially from recent posts … anyone found a solution yet? many thanks!

I am also getting this message–“Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name . Please keep it same or similar and retry.”– although I am converting the profile to a page with the EXACT SAME NAME! This is the name that appears on its own without my typing it in. I just went through the trouble of deleting friends to less than 100 so I can convert the page and then change the name to the business name, but alas, it doesn’t work. There is NO ONE to call at facebook; this is the ultimate in frustration with no resolution!

Hello all. From the current influx of comments, it seems as though the Facebook migration tool may be having an issue this week. Because this is an issue Facebook must address, we currently don’t have an answer. I assume Facebook is well aware of the problem and is currently creating a fix, but in the mean time, please feel free to leave any solutions you may have found for this issue.


Hi there. You have mentioned above about the option of uploading photos from the zip files downloaded if wanted.
I wanted to ask you if I unzip the photos from the download files and upload them. will those photos have the Comments it once did? Please fill me in soon. Thankyou

Hi Shraf,
Once you unzip the file Facebook puts together for you, you will see that only the raw files of the images are transferred over. The comments left on the original images will be lost in the transition.


hi Keith , Please Keith tell me why this msg
Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name . Please keep it same or similar and retry.
and if i change the name its say
” For your security, you need to complete this process from a computer you’ve used for browsing Facebook in the past. If this isn’t possible, contact customer support.”
i want move my account to my fans page , i did that 1 time before but now i cant why !!! :(( Please help me Keith
Thank you

We have a large personal timeline and a business page currently….we want to get rid of the time line but my question is can you migrate your timeline to an EXISTING business page? I can see how to do this and set up a new page, but thought I would see if there was any info on how I can transfer to an existing page before I go through the hassel of redoing everything.


Hi, thank you for this page! We have a ‘fake’ profile admin page and a Business Page. The admin page has the URL we would like (not the Business page). If we switch I am unsure which URL would be the default. Also, my boss wants control over when it switches so he can alert people, (ha) so is it immediate or take up to a week. I used the good URL on that profile page and so can’t use it for the other Page, and that is the only name my boss wants used.
Thanks for any help!

Is it wise to make the switch from profile to a page for a musician? I see there seem to be glitches. Is Facebook migration working now? Don’t want to lose connection with 5000 people. Should we wait?

Hi i converted my timeline into page 1 hour ago before I made this post.ive downloaded what they wanted me to download.but when I converted my timeline, there are 0 likes, nothing at all,i refreshed it several times but it’s not adding anything at all. i cant even upload the photos i downloaded. please help me.what should i do?

It looks like your friends have successfully been converted to fans at this point. Still haven’t seen an exact pattern to the length of time it takes to complete a conversion, but does seem that they are still working – it just may take several hours.

I’ve converted to businees page. I downloaded all the friends list and wall. How do i add all the friends back to facebook?

Hi, I have a band and trying to change from my personal page to a fan page with name change. from Paula Gallo to Paula G Reality as first, middie and Last names. Here is the message I get. What should I do?

“Your name change request has been rejected by our automated approval system.”

Two months ago I converted my profile to a page by mistake.
Submited several times my request for a reversal using the page Profile to Business Page Migration Appeal.
I have received neither answer, nor was my page restored.
What can I do?

The same like Tony:
” For your security, you need to complete this process from a computer you’ve used for browsing Facebook in the past. If this isn’t possible, contact customer support.”
How can i solve d it?

Paula – We have seen issues with Facebook rejecting names as well. I would try punching in a couple different name options and see if Facebook allows for one. If you currently have under 100 friends on your profile, you will be able to change the name once changed to a business page.

Art – We have never tried converting a page back to a profile before, so unfortunatley we can’t provide any tips. Try sending in the appeal again and see if you get a response.

Ryszard – Sounds like you tried your migration through a computer you don’t usually use. When facebook identifies multiple IP addresses logging into the same acccount, facebook will sometimes post security questions to assure noone has hacked into your account. Keep in mind that name change requests seem to be a very tricky problem that facebook has not found a good solution for. You may have to keep sending in requests or create a new fan page from scratch

I did the steps listed to convert to a buisness page. Last night a few people saw it and liked it. Today anyone that trys to find us can’t. What am I missing?

I converted my profile to the business page, but now non-fans cannot find my listing in the Facebook search box!
How can people find me if my business page is not listed???
What happened?

I’m converting a personal page to a business page for a friend–the friends converted over to “likes” however I am not seeing the icons in the upper right for new fans or comment NOR am I seeing the newsfeed or “Home” feature on the new business page. Very frustrating. It’s been 35 hours since the conversion and it took 24 hours for the “likes” to show up. Any sugggestions?

I am also getting this message–“Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name . Please keep it same or similar and retry.”– although I am converting the profile to a page with the EXACT SAME NAME! This is the name that appears on its own without my typing it in. I just went through the trouble of deleting friends to less than 100 so I can convert the page and then change the name to the business name, but alas, it doesn’t work. There is NO ONE to call at facebook; this is the ultimate in frustration with no resolution.

Nancy – It sounds like you need to select the “use facebook as a page” option. Once you are on your newly converted page, you will see the “edit page” button to the top right. Under that button is the list of admins of the page. And under the admins there will be a link that says “Use Facebook as (Business Name). Select that option. Then in the top left corner of the page you will see new fans added, and if you click on the facebook logo to the left of those icons, you will see your news feed for the brand page.

Hasankothok – I am not quite sure why you are seeing the errors you are seeing with the name conversion. Again, we dont work at Facebook, but simply go through the migration process often with the clients we work with. If you are not able to complete the conversion at all, a final plan may be to create a business page from scratch and actively network on your personal profile that has 100 friends and let them know to head over to your business page where you will be making constant updates.


Roughly, how long (time wise) does the conversion process (for friends to convert to likes…and any wall posts) from profile to page usually take?

Marni – We have seen the conversion sometimes take a full day to convert all the fans over. Your wall posts and images will not be pulled over, which is why we advise that you perform the Facebook backup that will save all that information to a zip file for you. You can then re-upload the images and start filling your blank wall with new posts.



We’ve set up a few events using a personal profile that we wish to migrate across to a company page, what will happen to these events after migration?



Justin – We have not tried migrating events over, but I would strongly bet that those events would be lost in the migration. If you have a bunch of attendees to the events, you may want to hold off on the migration until the event is over.

Hi! We have a personal business profile and a fan page! We’ve been advertising everyone from our personal profile to become our fan on our other page so that we can shut the personal profile down. However, we’d like to use the URL from the personal page on our fan page. After changing the username on the personal profile (in hopes that it would be available) before deactivating it, it seems as though we still cannot use that username/URL on our business page. What can we do to transfer the URL/username over to our page? If we were to do this other process of converting our personal profile into a business page- i don’t know if that would work either, as we already have a business page with our brand name as the username…so that doesn’t seem like an option. Help?

** Why doesn’t Facebook have ANY customer service available??


recently i had migrated from personal to fans page. i got everything in correct. but i could not see my page name in facebook search. please help me to sort this problem.

Hi Divesh, I would wait a couple days and see if your page is showing up in search then. Sometimes Facebook takes a little time to crawl the newly created accounts. Sounds like you did everything correct though, so I wouldn’t worry.

Hi Keith,
This is an excellent post thank you. I’ll be trying it later with my celiac-disese diet account. I have started asking friends to like my new fanpage but the pick-up is slow, this looks like the answer.

I notice you have not turned this article into a fan page, it would be useful. I couldn’t find this information on fb search except in Bing results at the bottom of the results page. Just thought I’d say :)
Thanks again, Mark S

Hi there,

I converted my Profile to a Business Page a while ago. And my Profile page disappeared of course.

That meant that, the ONLY way to get “Likes” is through ad campaigns, or, logging into another Profile and asking Friends to Like my page, etc.

And, of course, I can no longer even SEARCH for anything from my Business page, including Apps, which is very frustrating.

I regret doing this; I want a Profile that is specific to this Business Page.

Do I start all over again?

Must I use a different email address than the one used for the Business Page?

Thanks so much!! Great info on this post.

I think a lot of people are missing a point here:

You need 2 separate profiles on facebook BEFORE you convert a personal profile to a business page.

Make the 2 profiles friends with each other. Convert the profile1 to a page DO NOT LOG OUT go to friends/likes list and choose profile2, select make admin

add –

log out .
Log into profile 2

click the little white arrow next to the home button and chose your page

(sorry I broke the comment up again keith)

facebook wrote here :
“We’ll also make your account’s username the Facebook web address for your Page”
I have my original profile as profile-1. I have just converted my profile-2 to a business page. but still my profile-2 webaddress hasnt transferred to the current page. Friends of profile-2 has now changed to fans(i.e. likes), but I am not seeing the names of these “likes”.
how much time it will take to get the old profile-2 URL for current business page?
when will i be able to see the names of my fans(friends)?

We just recently created a business page for our collision center and things got a little confusing. We didn’t realize until after the page was made that we cannot search nor “like” other pages, businesses, etc… I’m no computer wizard here so anyone that can offer up a simple explanation of how to correct this, it would be appreciated. I’m looking at other questions/answers and I’m starting to think we need to start all over. All I want to do is “like” and search as a business, why are they making this so difficult to accomplish?

My client has a personal page and then set up a business page. I wanted to get a unique name for the business page, as he has 25+ likes, but it says the name isn’t available. I tried typing in what the actual URL would be and there was no active page with that unique URL, therefore, it should be available. I can’t figure out what to do to fix this and it’s making me crazy.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so muoch.

Hi Ann – even though a URL is not currently in use, it doesn’t mean it’s available. Facebook’s current policy is that one a name has been used, it is no longer able to be used again. This means that somebody may have used the name in the past, and then deleted the account or changed the name. From Facebook: “Once you have secured a username, it is not possible to transfer it to a different account on Facebook. Also, when an account is removed from the site, its username will be unavailable. Facebook does this for security reasons, namely to prevent username squatting.”

For full details, their entire policy is listed here:

Hope that helps!
-Mike Supple, Milestone Internet Marketing

Thanks Mike. We tried a whole bunch of other names and it said they weren’t available. Now that I think about it, we asked for suggestions and they were based on his personal name, not the company name. He did the personal page first then the company page. So I’m thinking it has something to do with setting up a personal profile first and having the two linked through the one email. Does that make sense.

Hello- we had a profile page converted to a business page, yet the site does not come up in searches internal and external to FB. The site info says it is Published. Also heard that you have to have 25 likes before it will show up is that true?

When i Change my Facebook Profile Page to a Business Page its say
For security reasons, your account has limited access to the site for a few days. If you have any question,
plz anybody HELP ME !!!!!

I’m trying to turn my personal profile to a business profile. But its putting my likes on a seperate page. How do I get the like buttons to show under my pictures?? Please someone help.

I went to do mine off the new layout. It does not have that setting to back up your account. What do I do?

Last Thursday, I converted my client’s profile page to a Facebook page using the “profile page to Facebook Page migration” screen. I chose the type of business, filled out the information, clicked agree and “get started,” and it resolved to a completely blank screen with this URL:

My client received the “congrats on your new page” email, but the “view your page” link just goes to the same blank page. If someone else searches for the page, it IS out there and shows the right name, creation date, logo and number of converted friends to fans:

However, any of us with email access to the business page can’t access the admin panel to edit it. The only way I can get to any part of it is if I login as them, navigate to a known page, and go to “settings.” But the options there are limited, and I don’t see any way to edit or add an admin from this screen.

I reported this problem to Facebook through their “blank page” report form and submitted questions to their forum, but it’s been 8 days now and NO response! If you can help in any way, I would SO appreciate it! My client is unhappy… to say the least. They are eager to get it setup and run some ads, etc.

Hi Morgan – that sounds like an unfortunate Facebook glitch. It’s not an issue we’ve experienced at Milestone, so I can’t speak to it specifically. Maybe somebody else on here can help out.

One thing I can suggest trying is logging in with your credentials you used when it was still a profile. Then go to this URL: If you are correctly set up as an admin for the page, this will take you directly to the edit page section of your new page. From here you should have a list of options on the left column, including “Manage Admins.”

If this link instead redirects you to then it means that Facebook does not recognize you as an admin of that page. I would recommend you and your client try logging in to Facebook with any logins you have access to, and attempt to see if Facebook has given any of them admin access.

Good luck!

-Mike Supple, Milestone Internet Marketing

OMG!! That let me add myself as admin and now I can get in and edit!! You’re brilliant! Facebook should pay you.

Thank you SO much, Mike!


I converted my personal page to a Artist page 3 nights ago. My friends have not converted to fans yet. Am I doing something wrong? I have not run the back up yet, nor changed my privacy settings to prevent people from finding the personal site. Did I do something wrong? Or not do something to get the friends to convert to fans? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a profile with Facebook. The profile name contains my first, middle and last name. I recently logged in to my profile and then created a fan page for my music. Even though I wanted the title of my page to contain my first, middle and last name it would not accept this name. I settled for my first, middle, and last name with no spaces in between (“firstmiddlelast” instead of “first middle last”). I haven’t published or transfered any friends to the fan page yet. I have been able to edit the fan page name to just about anything except for the name I really want which is the version with spaces inbetween my names. Everytime I try to edit to that name it says “”Our automated system will not allow that name.” I have checked to see if there are any other pages out their with my preferred name and there doesn’t seem to be. Am I having trouble because there is a conflict with my existing profile page? I have a friend who has the same profile name as his fan page so don’t understand why I am having trouble. I took out my middle name from profile settings and saved it to see if that would help. It hasn’t been 24 hours since this change but my profile page no longer has my middle name posted anywhere. I am still unble to edit the name to the way I would like on my fan page. Please help.

Morgan can u tell me plz how u converted !! its not work with me !! plz help me

how do i transfer my persaonal page to a fan page without using my normal browsing computer??

Taking out my middle name on my profile didn’t seem to allow me to add spaces to my page name. Any thoughts?

Hi there,

I’d like to stop using my personal facebook account and only use my current Artist page ( There is one more admin in that page.

How can I migrate to a business account that will let me manage the existing duodelsol page?


Since the migration from personal page to musician/band page it appears that the only admin listed is the personal page we migrated from. Our new page will not allow us to make changes as a admin or add new admins. We are now locked out of admin privileges and cannot log into page we migrated from because it says it no longer exists.

Can you please help with this issue?

I made a personal page and business Page without knowing how both work.
Now, I want to use Page only – I want to “consolidate” 2 pages.
So, I was trying to migrate my personal profile to a Business Page, but I keep getting the message that I have to do so on the same machine I’ve used for Facebook browsing. I’ve only ever used one computer for Facebook. So what do I do now?

I too am getting the message that I must use the same computer. This is crazy – I just created a new profile on the computer, and then went to convert it immediately to a page for business purposes. It’s the same computer – what more can I do?
I’d appreciate any advice from somebody who has solved this.

Your blog has been most helpful. I’ve been searching for answers on how to convert my site to a business page all day – finally some constructive help – thank you!! Still one question – how do I upload the content I downloaded before the migration?

Hi Linda – at this time Facebook does not have an upload feature. If you want to add any of that data, it must be done manually.

Please help, I had a Facebook account, then I have created a business page from this account, but when I type my business page name in search field it is impossible to find it. what can I do? I want people find my page in search field too

HELP I did not realise that before I logged out I had to make myself and admin! I am TOTALLY unable to access my new page as there is O admin….is there any way to get admin rights?

hi…i am getting following message when i try to convert my user profile to a page….i am not able to get the meaning…plz guide me..thanks in advance…
message: For your security, you need to complete this process from a computer you’ve used for browsing Facebook in the past. If this isn’t possible, contact customer support.

i have presonal account 5000 i convert it to pag before i archief my filles then i loost all my filles ..from the same e.mail i have group 4500 member even the group i loose all my filles …please help me to returne my filles
i have write to the facebooke to reconvert my account back
im confuse and worried i dont know what to do

plaese replly to me

I noticed that when creating a Facebook Page, I did so as a Business and the resulting URL was ‘’

I’m trying to figure out why that happened and if I can convert the Facebook Page to simply “”

I can’t seem to find any information on FB’s pages anywhere.

Can you help?

i want convert my account to a business page but it can’t convert due to this error[[[[[[This Feature is Temporarily Blocked
You’re temporarily blocked from using this feature. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, review our Community Standards or send us feedback]]]]]]]]] plzzzz help how can i convert my profile into a business page

I just converted my personal account to a page yesterday but was totally shock to see that only 200 out of 5035 contacts i have was converted into “like”. Is there a way to recover the other 4800+?


How can I change my Facebook Business Page back to a Profile Page?

Hi there, I have a facebook profile with 3500+ friends and a page (Artist, Band, Public figure) with 700+ fans.

I am a DJ and about to turn professional. I’ve been advised to keep my private life separate from my fans which makes sense.

The majority of my ‘friends’ on my profile are ‘fans’, the instructions show you starting with a new page.

Can I make this migration with my exisiting page? I would prefer not loose the 700 fans I have already got.

Looking forward to your response

Hi John,

Facebook does sometimes allow the merging of duplicate pages. In order to do this, the pages generally have to be almost identical in terms of page type, name, contact info, etc. If it is a local business, then the addresses must match exactly as well. To perform the merge, you must be an Admin on both pages. Once logged in, go to this URL: The next step allows you to choose the page you want to keep, then choose the page(s) that you’d like to merge with it. Your request will be reviewed, and the decision will be made to merge the pages or not.

Please note: if you do merge the pages, the ONLY things that are kept are fans and check-ins. You will lose ALL other content from the page that has been merged: timeline updates, photos, videos, comments, messages, etc.

Good luck!

-Mike Supple, Milestone Internet Marketing

I really want to deleted personal account but I linked my business account to it and now I’m stuck! What are my options. I really want to get rid of my personal account.

Hi Sara,

To continue having access to the business pages, you need to have some kind of account that is listed as an Admin on the page. You can either make other people admins of the page, then remove yourself and delete your account, or you can just set your account to private, remove all your content, and only use it when you need to access the business page.

As a side note, even when you “delete” your personal account, it doesn’t actually get deleted. Facebook just puts it into hiding. You can reactivate it any time simply by logging in.

Good luck.

-Mike Supple

when i change my personal page to a business page will i lose my other page that was on my personal account?

Hi Pam – when you do the conversion, your login information remains the same, so you should still be an admin on your other page. However, I cannot personally verify this as I have not tested it. To play it safe, I would recommend making somebody else an admin of the other page first before you do the conversion to ensure you don’t lose access entirely.

Mike Supple


My password is not recognised when I attempt the migration. I get the error “Your password was incorrect.” even athough I can log in to my account with the exact same password.
Emai requests to Facebook about this, just go unanswered.

How can i get it to recognise my password to migrate?

We have a church fb ‘like’ page and my pastor has a ministry page that he created as a profile. I will be converting Pastors profile page to a like page on Friday 3/8/13. These are the preliminary steps I am going to take before following the conversion instructions above:
1) Make church page admin an admin of pastors profile page (just in case his log in is not recognized)
2) Copy posts pastor wants to retain to a word doc
3) Copy pics to desktop/send to self via email
4) Follow the conversion steps

****Will I have the option to change the title/name of the page during the conversion process?
6) Open the fb zip file & upload accordingly.

Am I missing anything? Thank you

Hi ,

I have contacted facebook on many occasions. could you please, please tell me what has happened to my business page, i think facebook have made a mistake and have merged it on 2 seperate occasions by was already succesfully merged and facebook did it again a week later and now it has gone..

I have now had to set up a new page and i am really frustrated as i had over 2090 likes on my previous page and had spent alot of money through facebook creating adds and promoting my posts and now i feel like i have been ripped off

My page was called amg plumbing and heating, i am based in dublin, ireland

Hi , having trouble changing my facebook account from personal to business page. I get right to the end and it says i need to change to a computer i have previously used to complete. Have tried every computer in the house same response and still cant change it.

u have been very helpful in solving problem. I need your help too.
I have converted my Facebook profile to business page 6 days ago. However I was very frustrated because:
1. my profile 4,000+ LIKEs become 102 only & the profile timeline messages/images all gone.
2. I am not seeing the icons in the upper right nor am I seeing the newsfeed or “Home” feature on the new business page.
Now I dont know how to turn on the NEWS FEED. (On the current business page, there are only buttons SETTING & LOG OUT on the right top bar.)
3. I have few business pages. How can I link them together, or make them visible from all other pages?
4. I have done backup before the conversion. how to use them?
Thank you very much!!

You wrote “You will then be directed to your new business page. You will notice that your profile image will be imported from your previous profile but your fan total will be listed as “0”. Don’t worry, when you refresh your page, you will see the number quickly rise to your pre-existing fan/friend base.”

I refresh and refresh and nothing happens. Nothing.

Then I try to convert again and just keep getting pages and pages. Nothing.

Hi, every time i try to convert my profile into a page i get this error:
To ensure your account security, please complete this process on a computer you’ve used in the past. If this isn’t possible, please contact customer support from the Help Center.
So i try to do it in Chrome instead of firefox and this time i get this error:
An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.
Anybody knows what to do?

i was wondering if anyone knows how to switch my business account back into a personal account? It is a really interactive business and i need to be contacting clients at all times. By switching to the organization page i have lost all ability to message people or comment on other peoples photos. I can not tag people in posts, which is devastating to our business. If anyone could help me i would be the happiest man in the world.


Trying to convert personal Facebook page to a fan page, but keep getting this error message: “Creating content with this name is not allowed. Try another name.” How can I try another name… then it wouldn’t be my name? Why won’t it take? Is there something else that could be keeping it from going through

I have this same problem ” To ensure your account security, please complete this process on a computer you’ve used in the past. If this isn’t possible, please contact customer support from the Help Center.” and when I try on other computer or browsers “An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.” and my personal profile is now the admin of multiple identical pages with zero fans. Is this a glitch or does it take time for the profile to convert to a page?

Hi, does anyone knows to swap from a Brand Profile Page to a Local Business Page?

thanks !

Hi, I lost my computer so am using a new computer currently,
I would like to change my personal account into a fun page
The procedure wants me to use my usual computer, how do I handle this?

I am trying to convert a personal page to a business page and have the same as the previous issue mentioned – using a new computer.
Advice please?

I am trying to convert my facebook timeline in to a like page. but i keep getting the error message … “An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.” … I have no other pages or groups etc linked to this account so what does this mean, why cant i change it in to a like page.

When I try to migrate my account to a ‘public figure’ page is gives this message “Please switch to a computer that you’ve previously used to browse Facebook.”
I tried using another computer which did nothing. So I tried to find help in the help centre. STILL NOTHING.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

I reverted by studid fault of my own.. and now I requested a reversal i am still waiting for a response.. its so worriying that 75 million people use facebook, and the chances of getting a response it so small! The main worry is.. I have changed the profile to a page, but now i got the page, i have no ‘home’ page, no news feed.. its almost pointless! how do u follow people now!? and my name kate wilson is not working.. in fact they kept my other page i had, and that is all that people can see now, which had a slight variation on my name.. but the point of changing to a page is they just make your name, which was the profile name in the page name, now someone types that in and its blank.. in fact its gone! says i have deacctivated my account. now this is urgent! .. I am seriously stuck! its been 5 days now! what should i do. I live abroad and am reliant on keeping in touch for lots of reasons.. ? advise on how to get through to them would be good! many thanks.. kate wilson

I succeed to download my facebook date. but now I want to upload that data again Please help me to how I can upload again.

Please can you help.

In Nov 2010 I joined facebook and set up my personal profile page as the name of my business. I happily corresponded with friends on FB but then realised my personal profiel should have been in my name. I then
updated my personal profile to my name with a view to creating a business page. I also kept my business address e-mail and link to business website on FB. However my web designers want to create a FB business page for me but I have found out another account has been set up to sell childrens clothing using our business name. Please can you advise can our designers still set up the business page in our name as the impostor account say they will not change as they have amassed 400 likes and also only been around for 3 wks. We have been around since 2010! I have tried to contact FB but the BLOCK/REPORT feature does not show up as either on our page or on the the impostor account page described in the FB Help Centre. So unable to report to FB. Is there also an alternative way to get FB to remove or take down the account. Or can I resort to trading standards or legal action to do this.
Your help or advice would be much appreciated.

People will losse there vanity url if they change their profile to a page

By default i getting a option to convert account to commercial profile. I do not want to convert my personal account into commercial account. What we need to do here. Please suggest

I have a personal account and then I also have created a page from that personal account for my business. How can I convert that page under my personal account to a business account? I have a new website and have integrated facebook into the website, but when I send message from the website it will only post it on my personal page and I want it posted on the business page.
Also I have tried to create a new business account, but it will not let me use the business name since it was create as a page under my personal account.

Thanks for the help

I have done step 1. The download. No email arrived. My email address is correct. It’s been 24 hours since I did it the first time and 2 hours since the second time. Anyone know the problem/solution/workaround?

Hey? Once the my are in the rar file and the profile is successfully converted to a page, how do you upload the files?

thank you!
it worked for me!


Thanks so much for all your good info here. I’ve scanned through it all and am still confused about something:

My wife, a self-help author, has a personal FB account/timeline that we need to convert to a biz Page so that her 800 friends (most of which are fans rather than personal friends) come over with it. I’ve read various info on the conversion process and think I understand it for the most part. (Her account does have an existing Page for a her non-profit, for which I’ve already made myself an admin, as we understand that she will lose her admin status there.) What we don’t understand is what we do to then have a personal timeline specifically for friends and family (which we understand we’ll have to start over with).

In one of your earlier posts, you posited a solution that included “You need 2 separate profiles on facebook BEFORE you convert a personal profile to a business page.” But, if I understand “profile” to mean “account”, that seems to violate FB rules. We’d be grateful if you could take a moment to clarify the step-by-step of how to create a personal timeline after converting a timeline to a biz Page.

The other mystery has to do with user names in this process. If FB forces original Firstname Lastname from timeline to be the new biz Page name, how can she use her name for the new post-conversion personal timeline we’re hoping we can go back and set up? Ideally, her personal timeline would be Firstname Lastname and her biz Page would be Firstname Lastname Bizname. I get impression there’s some trick sequence to making something like that happen. Any love?

Thanks so much!


Hi there. I am trying to convert a personal page to a business page. FB is telling me that it has to be done on a computer that was regularly used for the account. This is not possible. The old computer is dead and my friend is trying to help me on hers. It says to contact FB via the hell center , but this seems to be impossible. How on earth do I do this from a new computer?? Thanks

“”To ensure your account security, please complete this process on a computer you’ve used in the past. If this isn’t possible, please contact customer support from the “” i am facing this problem plz help me i cant merge my page bcz i am using new pc plz help me…

I thought I was creating a business page under marbella bridge on facebook but it seems I created both a personal and business page under the same name. I do not want to keep the personal account but only the business page – how do I go about this


I had a profile page for my rabbit who had over 1000 friends and 3 years’ worth of photos, videos etc. One day I could not log in because Facebook said I had violated their T&Cs, and I would have to convert to a page. There were no instructions like yours above (I now know I should have downloaded my information as in the instructions above – but as I was blocked from logging in, I could not do this anyway. I followed Facebook’s instructions and now I have a page with a profile image, but I have lost everything else. Is there a way to get it back?

Facebook is no help at all.

Best wishes

Hi, Glad there is help out there.

I converted my friends into fans but when i log in now it just give me the ads manager page. I can’t go into the actual page. I tried what you said above about adding my personal page’s email address but it just says that email is already in use by another person. They mean me but what do i have to do to get the page to work. Also, I never backed up my page and I also never got an email from FB. Is that bc I didn’t do that back up? Do I need that email to set my page straight? Please help!!

Hi there, a friend of mine converted her profile to a page but she is no longer found in the facebook search. Any ideas? We’re ripping our hair out over here

Hi Karli – Did you convert recently? Facebook may take some time to re-index the entity as a page. Being active with posts and having fans interact with the content will likely get it indexed faster. Good luck!

-Mike Supple, Milestone

I just converted my client’s FB from a personal profile to a business page. The conversion seems to have gone smoothly, but I have no access to the admin panel. It is a similar issue to the one “Morgan” posted above.The only way I can get to any part go to “settings.” But the options there are limited, and I don’t see any way to edit or add an admin from this screen.

I’m at a loss and the link you provided her no longer works.

Any ideas? I’m panicing that I’m no longer recognized as an admin.

Hi Melisa – That URL only works for that specific page which was referenced in the previous comment. You would need to replace the string of numbers after “id=” with the unique Facebook id of your page. To find the id of your page, go to the business page URL (i.e. and replace the www with the word “graph”. The first line in the page will be your id. Replace the number in the link you mentioned with your id. If you are an admin, it will walk you through steps of setting up the page.

Mike Supple

my id back and profile change 2010

i am going to launch a website & promote on facebook…with the help of your add my page is going well but my website name is indian designer house & my page name is indian kurti house. my like is 34,394..
The option request change is come on page info but whenever i click on request change option the page is not availble shown please help as soon as posible….
my page

I tried to login to my account after a 1 wk vacation, and I couldn’t because FB made me convert from a personal to a page.
ok I did it (had no choice) but since I couldn’t login to my account there was no way to save data. well fb had saved all my data and sent it to me in an email. My problem is that I don’t know how to upload my messages, previous posting on my wall, posts that I had shared TO my wall etc.
the only thing on there are pictures I had posted myself and I can no longer see newsfeed….
I really need the newsfeed because sharing from my friends helped make my wall interesting and helped me obtain new friends (we’re a restaurant FYI)
FB said I could upload all my data, but I dont have a direct access to my timeline and I only have a settings and logout button to the right…. can anyone help me?

no “home” access for news feed after converting to business page???

Without understanding the consequences of merging pages, I converted my personal profile into a page and merged it with another page handled by me .. After the merging, lost all timeline info and later realised that some imminent personalities who were also part of the personal profile were lost. 6 years of timeline information is lost and i am very upset about it. I wish I can undo the changes i made in haste. Please help me… loosing sleep over this.

Has anyone figured out if you change to a page, can you then merge your old photos, videos, etc?

I am not going to read all of these comments but for everyone having trouble getting back to your personal page I found a link. You must be able to prove you own the initial page and upload a copy of your ID.
If you can’t use the link just search “convert” from the help menu and it’s like the 4th or 5th down. After you submit everything it is up to Facebook to approve this. If you are a business or use the page to promote a band they may not switch it back.


I am wanting to change my personal page to an artist fan page. Once I do this, will I be able to change my name on the new fan page?


Converted my FB profile to a community organization page (at the request of FB) but now I can’t log in to the page. Instead I get ” Convert Your Profile to a Page” even though the page was already converted. What am I doing wrong?!

Hi I’m really struggling to see if I have migrated this account.
I only have days before they close it down.
It was a personal account they automatically transferred it over to a “like page” and I am able to access this page through my personal Facebook now and I have been since. But now they are telling me it will be shut down if I don’t migrate.
I am an admin of the page but I am so confused and this is my livelyhood and there isn’t anyone to contact??

Hi, i am really struggling to converting my Facebook account to Facebook page,and am unable to login in that account..
i have lsot my 2500 friends, and they are converted to my facebook likes or fans, but that facebook page also am unable to login., am admin of page and groups, but am not able to login..

Hi there,

I have just migrated my profile with my business account and now I am locked out. It keeps asking me for an ID

Please help

I have converted my personal account to a business page as requested by Facebook, and I now need to reupload my wall posts/images onto the business page. Is this possible? If so, how can I do this…

Need to do this asap!

i created a corporate Facebook page through my personal FB account. If someone who is not my friend (e.g. clients) search for my company name (using the search tab), it looks like my personal profile name is coming up instead of the company web page. Why is this so and how can i resolve this, thank you.

have tried changing my personal privacy settings but it seems not working.

Hello, I have a big problem.
I used my private profile as a Business page, and I also created a real business page, but the private profile was an admin.
I did not know I was breaking the rules when I used my private profile for business (private page and the business page have the same name and everything) , and then Facebook disable my private page but now I can’t get to my business page because my profile is disabled, and that profile was a admin for business page. when I want to log in the message shows

And as Mike Supple said that I have to log in and then try to Merge both pages because I have the same name and adres and every thing, but he facebook has disabled my admin profile and I can not do that…

I converted my personal profile into a business page with my name as the name of the page. How can I create a new personal profile? When I try to do that, facebook says I already have an account and won’t let me make another one. On my business page at the top, I only have a facebook logo, a link to settings and a link to logout. There is no “edit” button that you keep referencing. Should I setup the new profile using a different email address? I really only use the email account that I currently have the page under, but if this would work, I’ll do it. Thank you so much…great info here!!!

Hi Pamela – Once you have converted your personal profile to a business page, you will need to create a new account from scratch with a new email address.

Once you’ve done that, you can add your new profile as an admin on the page. From that point on, the 2 accounts are essentially merged, and you have 1 account again – though you’ll be able to use either email address to login. You can adjust what email addresses are associated with your account by going to settings and clicking on the Email section (or just click here:

Mike Supple

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