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Webinar Recap: Taking on the 2020 Hospitality Digital Marketing Budget

Aug 30, 2019   |   Webinar
Webinar VIDEO blog 394 219 -, Milestone Inc.

Everything you need to kickstart your budget for 2020

On Aug. 28th we recorded this webinar for our friends in the hospitality industry to help them prepare their 2020 digital marketing budget. In the video Milestone’s Head of Hospitality – Tammie Carlisle and special guest Holly Zoba – Owner of Influencer Sales Training discuss the preparations your organization should be making, as well as which trends/channels/technologies are going have the biggest impact for hotels. Use this video and slide deck as the foundation for your digital strategy this coming year, and get a great return on your investments.



2020 Digital Marketing Planner Worksheet:

Screen Shot 2019 08 30 at 12 17 44-PMEvery year Milestone creates this Digital Marketing Planner in the form of an excel worksheet. It helps our clients organize their digital budget for the coming year. Fill out this sheet with all of your planned 2020 expenses and it will export in a clean format that you can share.   


Buyer Personas Video – Influencer Sales Training:

Screen Shot 2019 08 30 at 11 02 27 AM

Holly Zoba created this great introduction video that explains the “what”, “why”, and “how” of creating buyer personas. You can’t have too many buyer personas, take advantage of this resource before your budget is set.



Does your website already have schemas? Find out instantly with Google’s structured data testing tool.

Visit for a better understanding of schemas and their potential. On the site you’ll find a full list of Schemas that will give you ideas for boosting traffic and conversions on your company’s website.


Site Speed:

In the video we talk about how faster websites tend to convert significantly more customers; could your website be faster? Test your site’s speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.


Voice search:

Screen Shot 2019 08 30 at 11 37 41 AMWhile the numbers on Voice search are still vague, it’s clear that the trend is rapidly growing in popularity. More and more people are using voice-based queries to find information about hotels, and conduct research about future travel. We created this Voice Search White Paper to help shed light on how you can utilize Voice search to attract customers to your website.



Holly 200x200Holly Zoba – Owner, Influencer Sales Training

Holly Zoba spent the first 15 years of her career as the corporate director of sales and marketing for Hospitality Partners. More recently she has been working in training and development around sales and marketing for hotels. She is a full stack web developer and the immediate past chair of the HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board. A frequent industry speaker, Holly was a coauthor of the CHDM – Certified Hotel Digital Marketer program and study guide and a recipient of the Top25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales and Marketing. She owns her own sales and marketing training company now and has introduced a program to hospitality salespeople that integrates a modern sales approach with digital in order to meet the changing habits of our buyers.

Tammie NewTammie Carlisle – Head of Hospitality, Milestone Inc.

Tammie Carlisle, Head of Hospitality for Milestone Inc, is a 15+ year hospitality industry veteran. She brings an extensive hospitality sales and marketing background to Milestone and is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships for Milestone with hospitality clients and industry associations in the Western US. Prior to joining the Milestone team, Tammie was a client for five years as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Silicon Valley Hotels where she was known for her ability to outperform her competition in both offline and online revenues. Tammie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from University of California Santa Cruz.

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