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Webinar Recap: Covid-19 Crisis-Recovery-Growth: Content and B2B Strategy

Apr 29, 2020   |   Covid19, Hotel, Webinar
Webinar Recap: Covid-19 Crisis-Recovery-Growth: Content and B2B Strategy -, Milestone Inc.

In this webinar, leading experts from Acronym, SEMRush, Invesp, and Milestone presented the Covid-19 Crisis-Recovery-Growth framework, including key priorities and tactics for medium to large-scale content marketers to use as they manage the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic during April, May, June, and July, and then pave a road to growth. We explained how to make your assets visible and clickable in the Crisis and Recovery stages and how to maximize long-term organic equity.

Key takeaways included:

  • Crisis-Recovery-Growth framework and its importance
  • To do topical research regularly, especially in fast-changing CRG environment
  • Find the rich snippet opportunities and define the entities with advanced schemas
  • Create topic clusters to increase expertise score in R phase and harvest in G phase
  • Improve site performance and user experience to increase trust in R phase, harvest in G phase
  • Keep developing new offers to differentiate from competition
  • Run experiments, optimize the experience to increase conversions
  • Work on ranking listings with schemas to get decorated in the SERPs

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