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What are Search Engines?

Jun 06, 2005   |   Web Design and Promotion
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The tool used for finding specific web-sites on the internet is called “Search Engines.” Search engines are possibly the most powerful and meaningful resident on the Net, the mechanism that gets people where they want to go on the Web, and directs online lookers to your business.

Search engines are the gateway for people searching for products, services, information or anything they are looking for. It’s how websites are located, hotels are found, and where your identity can either shine or become obsolete.

Some facts on Search Engine Usage:
1. More than eight in ten American internet users have gone to search engines to find information on the Web. (Source: Jupiter Media Report)

2. More than one in four, or about 33 million adults, use a search engine on a daily basis. (Source: Jupiter Media)

3. Search engine positioning was the top method cited by website marketers to drive traffic to their sites (66%), followed by e-mail marketing (54%). (Source: Direct Marketing Association, Aug. 2000)

Search Engine Market Share Figures Updated
comScore has released the new search engine market share figures. The figures are from March 2005 (the latest figures) and the market share change (in parenthesis) is how much the share changed from the year previous (March 2004).
Search Engines
. Google 36.8% (+0.5%)
. Yahoo! 30.6% (+0.6%)
. MSN 14.5% (+0.8%)
. AOL 12.8% (-4.5%)
. Ask Jeeves 1.8% (+3.7%)


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