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Smart Organic Keyword Research and Selection

Nov 09, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
Smart Organic Keyword Research

Keyword and market research is where seo optimization tools 300 224

1)      Create a starter KW list – Keyword that actually describe the business

2)      Refine the list

3)      Prioritize

4)      Rinse and Repeat

Couple of other things we can focus on:

  • Analytics – Which keywords are driving traffic to the website
  • Web server logs – See which search queries pulled 404 pages
  • Audience – Who is the right audience, are we serving the right niche.
  • Ask and NOT Assume – Ask you audience by looking at review etc.
  • Include local keywords and language or terms, this can be effective
  • C stands for Categorize

Other ideas to find the right keywords are:

  • SQR Reports, if already ppc was running – As this report shows what queries the impressions showed up for.
  • Keyword retargeting via Display
  • Include keywords which drive conversion
  • Look at competitors and see what they are already

Tools to keyword other than google adwords and bing are:

  • Semrush
  • Raven kwrd insights
  • Wordstream
  • Seevle
  • Yahoo clues
  • Youtube keyword search tool
  • Blekko – More useful for outside us
  • Opensiteexplorer – Anchor text report

Conclusion: Use all these tools to find the right keywords and then monitor what competition is doing to find the best keywords and using these keyword generate content around it.

Speakers: Wil Reynolds, Craig Paddock, Carolyn Shelby, Mark Barrera
Moderator: Joe Laratro

Contributed by – Justin Varghese, ROI Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing Inc.

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