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SEO Tips for Beginners

Aug 28, 2008   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Whether you are building a website for the first time, or if you are optimizing your old site, there are some major factors that contribute to your overall ranking in Search Engines.  The two key factors for improving your ranking are: content and inbound links.

  1. Website Content: First, content is very important because relevant content ensures a better organic listing on the search engines results pages and gives overall credibility to your website. This also means having keyword rich Meta tags and anchor links. While it is important that your content is keyword rich, it should also be readable, relevant and useful to your readers.
  2. Inbound Links: The second most important thing to do to optimize your site is to have “juicy” inbound links. This is so important because the more relevant sites you have linking to your website, the more credible your website will be seen in the eyes of search engines, and your overall ranking will improve organically as well. 
  3. Link Building: The best way to start getting inbound links to your website is through credible directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo! Be very critical of your inbound links, because having inbound links from sites that are not credible will also bring your website ranking down.
  4. Keyword Research: Keyword research is the foundation to a well-optimized website. Make sure you do proper keyword research by using programs such as Word tracker or Keyword Universe, or try some the free keyword research tool available through Google Adwords.
  5. Site Design: The design of your site needs to be easy to navigate by your users and the web crawlers. It is also important that you have a “Call to Action” or a way your customers can call, e-mail, or make a purchase on every page. Have a clear navigation structure with important links to other pages of your site “Above the Fold” so that they are easily accessible and easy to see. 
  6. Pay Per Click: If you have a brand new domain and are having trouble getting traffic on your site, try a PPC Campaign to bring in traffic & test which keywords are and aren’t working.
  7. Social Media Optimization: Also, don’t forget about social media optimization. Create a Blog on your site, or set-up a page on MySpace or Facebook. YouTube is also another hugely popular way to promote yourself, with 2.5 billion current users; you are bound to get your message out to someone.
  8. Press Releases: Lastly, if you have press releases, be sure to include those on your website and optimize them with your most important keywords because they show up in search results just like regular news articles on Google News. This can be an easy way to build your online reputation.

Contributed by: Christy Smith, Milestone Internet Marketing

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