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Milestone Inc. Launches Schema Validator – A Free Tool To Check The Health Of Your Website Schema

Mar 24, 2023   |   Web Design and Promotion
Milestone Inc. Launches Schema Validator

The biggest challenge for businesses today is that 90% of their digital content has no audience. While the content could be absolutely perfect, it does not rank in the high visibility positions on search due to businesses failing to optimize their content or ensure its relevance to searchers’ intent. And here’s where schema implementation comes in. It’s imperative for businesses to take all possible options out there to rank on search and schema or structured data is now a key ingredient.  

With search engines now reliant on entity optimization of websites to fetch the most relevant answer for a query, structured data or schema is playing a crucial role in the optimization of website entities.  

Not just implementing website schema, maintaining deployed schema is the next crucial step and this is a challenge for businesses, as 97% of websites fail when it comes to error-free advanced schema. Schema errors are a certain blocker to entity recognition and warnings are your content opportunities – both of which need to be addressed.  

While Schema Validator has been in-build into our Schema Manager product, we’re now launching it as a free and public tool for anybody to use.  

“With easy, precise, and immediate validation of the health of your website schema with just a drop of the website URL, Milestone Schema Validator ensures businesses get the best out of their entity optimization strategy”, said Ritika Chugh, Senior Director of Product, Milestone Inc.   

We’re proud to present Milestone Schema Validator. With Milestone Schema Validator your business can test for website schema errors and warnings across 750+ schema types that follow Schema.Org’s vocabulary and guidelines layered with Google’s Rich Result’s validation.  

There’s more! If there are any changes to your website content which means the schema could become obsolete or the schema has been deprecated by Schema.Org, the tool will notify you of these content drifts so you can go ahead and fix these errors even before your content is indexed.  

Going beyond just validation, the built-in visualizer of Milestone Schema Validator displays how your entities and their properties are mapped, offering cues towards entity optimization in order to create a perfect nested schema architecture.  

Commenting on the tool’s launch, Jasdip Singh, Product Manager, Milestone Inc., said, “Milestone Schema Validator brings together the best of both worlds of Google’s RRT and Schema.Org’s Validator with key differentiators such as notifications for content drifts or deprecated schema, as well as the cool visualizer for businesses to picture the mapping of their website entities.”  

Go ahead. Drop in your website URL and check the health of your website schema right away!  

Milestone Schema Validator

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