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Google Introduces New AdWords Feature for Compiling Negative Keywords

Jan 12, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
Compiling Negative Keywords

Google AdWords Rolls Out New Negative Keyword List Tool

A nifty new Google AdWords feature is being rolled out to help consolidate negative keywords. Previously, if you wished to compile a negative keyword list that would be similar across numerous campaigns, you would have to remember to implement it for each campaign. Now, AdWords allows you to compile a negative keyword list to use across multiple campaigns.

Negative keywords are a critical part of an AdWords campaign that helps filter out unwanted impressions for your ads, including competitor brand names or industry buzzwords that may not apply to your product or service (like cheap or discounted).

Now, Google AdWords has introduced an updated way to manage negative keywords across multiple campaigns, using negative keyword lists. These lists help you manage a group of negative keywords in your account’s Control Panel and Library.

Negative keyword lists in AdWords Control panel

Negative keyword lists in AdWords Control panel

Previously, you would need to copy a set of keywords into every new campaign you create in your account. Now, with these negative keyword lists, you can compile one list to use across multiple campaigns.

Google AdWords negative keyword lists are a simple, easy way to consolidate negative keywords across multiple campaigns. Users should however be careful to monitor their negative keyword lists closely to ensure they are applicable across all of their campaigns. In the long run this is a fantastic tool that AdWords users will be able to implement to save time when creating negative keyword lists for new campaigns.

Source: Inside AdWords Blog

Contributed by: Marc St. Pierre, Milestone Internet Marketing

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