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GoogleAds: Budget Optimizer

Jun 05, 2019   |   Web Design and Promotion
Budget Optimizer - is it right for your campaign? -, Milestone Inc.

What’s the Google Budget Optimizer(TM) tool? The Budget Optimizer™ tool automatically adjusts your keyword maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids on your behalf.  All you need to do is set a target budget, and the Budget Optimizer will actively seek out the most clicks possible within that budget.

The Budget Optimizer helps you reach your target spend every month without requiring a lot of work on your part. You can save time, eliminate the guesswork related to setting your CPCs, and enhance your return on investment.

Let Milestone help you optimize your marketing budget across all the channels. Milestone will analyze your data and help you reallocate and optimize your budgets for the coming year.

Please note that the goal of the Budget Optimizer is simply to help you receive the highest number of clicks possible within your budget. The Budget Optimizer will not help you achieve a specific ad position. Also, the Budget Optimizer is only available for campaigns with fewer than 10,000 keywords.

The Budget Optimizer is ideal for advertisers who:

  • Want to automate their CPC adjustment process
  • Consider traffic a critical metric
  • Have set monthly budgets they want to reach consistently

Please note that we don’t recommend the Budget Optimizer for advertisers focused on measuring conversions or values of ad clicks. The Budget Optimizer also will not work with AdWords ad scheduling.

Here’s how to enable the Budget Optimizer for any campaign:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Select the checkbox next to the campaign you wish to edit
  3. Click ‘Edit Settings’ in the header row of the table
  4. Under the Advanced Options section, click ‘view and edit bidding options’
  5. On the Keyword Bidding Options page, select the radio button next to Use the Budget Optimizer
  6. Click ‘Save and Continue’
  7. Read over the confirmation page, which explains how the Budget Optimizer works Click ‘Continue’
  8. Enter your target budget and maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids
  9. Click ‘Save and Activate’

Thanks to Google,

Contact us to learn more at [email protected].

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