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Event Promotion through Paid Search

Oct 24, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
Event Promotion

by Amanda Brinkerhoff, Sr. PPC Account Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing

Events and holidays are just around the corner. Are you ready to promote your packages for a specific event? Below are some tips and suggestions for an event driven adgroup:

Hotel package promotion

When should I run an event adgroup?

  1. A big event is coming to the area: a concert, sporting event, play or other major event
  2. Holiday event: Christmas, Fourth of July, New Years, Halloween, etc.

Why should I run an event adgroup?

  1. Reach a niche target market – using specific long-tailed keywords for an event can help you reach a niche market.  Targeting a niche market interested in the event will help increase your website’s conversions.
  2. Cross Channel Optimization – while promoting events on your website’s manager special page, blog, or Facebook page, you should also run a paid search campaign to reach full optimization.
  3. Event keywords have a low average CPC and there isn’t much competition from other hotels.
  4. Adding more qualified keywords to your account will build relevance and improve the campaign’s performance.

How should I run an event adgroup?

  1. Launch the event adgroup or campaign at least 3 weeks before the events starts. You must build up relevance and target users planning in advance to stay at your hotel.
  2. Include all promotion details in the adcopy
  3. Designate a specific landing page for the ads with the promotion clearly outlined and bookable from that page
  4. Use long-tailed targeted keywords
  5. One week before the event adjust the adcopy to highlight the time sensitive promotion.

It is not too early to discuss running an event adgroup for November, December, or even January.  Be sure to take a look at local events and try running an event adgroup. Event adgroups can increase conversions and revenue if these are short term focused, have a good landing page, and enticing adcopy.

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