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Enhance Local Listings By Claiming Your Business

Dec 09, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
Claiming Your Business

While most major companies create basic listings for their hotels via bulk uploads, there is still a large opportunity to fully optimize each location. There are a staggering number of listings that remain unclaimed in local search, which provides a great marketing opportunity. By claiming your listing, you essentially provide search engines with relevant content about your area, suggested categories, value added coupons, and ensure your exact location is correct.

Steps to claiming your local business listing in Google:

  1. Search for your business in Google Maps (unless you are a new hotel, chances are you have been indexed by Google already).
  2. Click the title of your listing to get to the details section.
  3. Under the directions you’ll see a link to add or edit your business.
  4. Choose a validation option and then you are free to customize your listing. It won’t be validated until you enter the pin number provided by Google via phone or postcard.

Note: You must have a Google Gmail account to verify your hotel’s listing.


These simple steps will allow your business to generate more impressions and be listed for more specific keyword queries, not just geo-targeted searches. Make sure to complete all of the sections including the descriptions, hours, photos, categories, and coupons.

Coupons are a great way to differentiate your listing from others as you see in the image above. Once you’ve complete the validation, now you can learn Important Factors for Local Search Ranking on the Milestone Blog.

Contributed by: Brad Brewer, Business Development Manager, Central US

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