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Boost your website experience with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) powered by Milestone CMS

Sep 27, 2019   |   Web Design and Promotion
Boost your website experience with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) powered by Milestone CMS -, Milestone Inc.

For businesses and brands, slow page speed results in loss of revenue. In a study, Amazon concluded that even a 100ms delay in page load time could result in a 1% loss in revenue while faster loading pages could push the conversion rate of a transaction by 16.5%.

The above stats prove that a factor such as page load time could significantly hurt your business and brand visibility, especially considering that 80% of the web traffic is coming from mobile devices. But the problem – everyone now has a ‘mobile-friendly’ website. So, how can you jump ahead in this mobile-first rat race? Accelerated Mobile Pages is your answer.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

In 2015, Google collaborated with technology companies and publishers and developed what came to be known as Accelerated Mobile Pages. As the name suggests, the idea behind AMP was to improve the page load speed of mobile websites.

accelerated mobile pages -, Milestone Inc.

AMP basically strips down the website application code to bare bones for faster loading. The Google AMP cache then ensures that the content is retrieved easily and immediately when a customer revisits the website. In addition, the page (design), its images, and other contents are reduced in size (responsive). When a search is made, the primary content of the AMP site is given priority over content that could reduce the page load time.

Using Milestone CMS’s exclusive ‘AMP as mobile’ feature, our client witnessed significant growth in the engagement of their local promotions.

accelerated mobile pages2 -, Milestone Inc.

4 Perks of choosing Milestone CMS’s AMP feature

Milestone CMS gives businesses four AMP options – you choose what’s best for your business:

schema icon

Desktop = Mobile

Milestone CMS lets you build an AMP version that replicates the content present on your desktop website using a Responsive Web Design. Whether a visitor views your website from a desktop or mobile, he will not be able to tell the difference. However, with AMP, the performance will be highly optimized for mobile viewing.

schema icon

1 Desktop Website + 1 Mobile Website

You could choose to have two separate website versions – one for desktop users and the other focused on improving the user experience for mobile users. The mobile website will be built using the AMP framework, ensuring that engagement with your customers is enhanced.

schema icon

AMP + Mobile

Since you’d probably first like to test out the benefits of AMP before you give your mobile website a complete AMP facelift, our Milestone CMS will give you the option of converting just a few of your mobile website pages into AMP, while the rest of the pages will be in the normal mobile-friendly version.

Tip: Choose the pages that are critical which customers visit directly from SERPs (organic traffic) to covert to AMP. Once you are satisfied with the benefits of AMP, we’re sure you’ll vouch to move to complete AMP version for mobile.

gmb bullet icon4

AMP as Mobile

The highlight of Milestone CMS’s AMP feature and one that makes our CMS unique – ‘AMP as Mobile’ option will ensure that every page on your website is optimized and ensures that your website is ‘Usain Bolt’ed to success. With your mobile website now blazing fast and responsive, results for your business will follow.


Milestone CMS will push the ‘AMP’litude of your website

A fact that hasn’t been shrouded, when it comes to rankings on SERPs, AMP pages have proved to fair better than non-AMP due to the factor of page speed. A surety, once our Milestone CMS has ‘AMP’ed your website it will be blazing fast, and the page load time would have reduced dramatically to improve your website’s impressions, clicks, and CTR. Also, our CMS’s Mobile-First Design will shoulder the user experience and responsiveness of your website, making it the pick of mobile users across the globe using varying internet speeds.

Consider this another brick in the wall to build the revenue tower of your business. Get in touch with us at +1 408-200-2211 or mail us at [email protected].

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