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SEM Fitness Plan

In order to establish a small business online there are various things we need to take care. From building a website to promotion it takes almost 90 days for a website to establish a good rank and position in search results. All the four speakers suggest plans and strategies on organic, ppc, local and analytics which can help a business grow and return a good ROI.

According to Stoney de Geyter here is the 90 Day SEM Fitness Plan- Organic week by week

  1. Keyword research:
    • Keyword research is the foundation or the pillar for a website.
    • Have top 2 or 3 keywords which are core and 6 to 8 secondary keywords.
    • Make sure each page include these core keywords and then the secondary keyword.
    • Keyword should include geo modifiers like the city name


  1. Prioritize Terms:
    • Search volume
    • Target your audience
    • Profit margin
    • Meet demand.


  1. Assign core terms to pages


  1. Website architecture:
    • URL & Site structure is important
    • Link & Navigation
    • Document & Page Structure


  1. Global SEO:
    • Title Tag
    • Meta description,
    • H1 Tag,
    • First paragraph.


  1. Directory Submissions:
    • Enrollments on major directories are important like Yahoo, Best of the web, relevant local and niche directories.


  1. Find Search Phrases:
    • Use word tracker tool and find more search phrases.
    • Try to include all these keywords back in the pages.


  1. Keyword segmentation:
    • Place keywords into groups keywords and qualifiers


  1. Detailed Optimization:
    • Content
    • link building
    • code
    • keywords usage
    • Proper calls to action
    • Headings
    • Title
    • Description tags
    • Page speed
    • Internal linking


  1. Usability issues:
    • Navigation
    • Scan ability
    • Conversion optimization


  1. Build Links:
    • Blog posting
    • Authoritative links
    • Analyze competitor links


  1. Go to this link (/library/ and Download Best SEO strategy

According to Matt McGee here is the 90 Day SEM Fitness Plan by month focusing on Local Search

Month One: Local SEO on your site

  • Physical address and phone number must be unique at all time. Address must match all listings and directory submissions.
  • Write out “Location/Directions” page. Write directions, try specifying the landmarks.
  • Add geographic locators to page titles. EX: Directions to our downtown seattle hotel
  • If location has multiple location then have separate page for each location

Month Two: Business Listings

  • Some of the major websites and directories which cover 80% major market. Getlisted, localize,
  • Make sure listings are consistent
  • Choose correct categories. Use the link to find more relevant categories
  • Build out added content and do enhanced listing

Month Three: Reviews

  • According to Nielson Company: 90% of consumers trust reviews from people they know.
  • 70% trust reviews from people they don’t know.
  • Reviews impact rankings as well
  • Invite reviews on your website: on site, google, tripadvisor, yahoo, emails, and newsletters. Yelp- does not like clients asking customers for reviews
  • Target reviews wisely depending on industry. Reviews on Citysearch, Insider Pages is very important.

According to Matt Van Wagner here is the 90 Day SEM Fitness Plan by week focusing on paid Search

  1. What’s the issue? Set Goals, evaluate site (align goals with site), evaluate competition.


  1. Benchmark Tracking
    • How are you doing now? Document current performance, pre sales activities, sales units & revenues
    • Make .xls spreadsheets with past data for analysis.
    • How will you measure? Online: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft conversion tracking. Offline: phone reports.


  1. Build Keyword List:
    • Start with small core set of keywords
    • Set to phrase match and exact match
    • Find a couple of obvious negatives.
    • Write Ads: Try a couple basic message & styles. Match offer with landing page promoting same offer.


  1. Launch on Google
    • Limited Launch: limit budget, limit geographically, set bids to Max CPC bid you can afford
    • Caution: turn off content, turn off mobile browsers


  1. Launch full on Google
    • Full Launch: uncork budget, take off geographical constraints, and switch to CPA bidding ASAP. (conversion optimizer, Google will flex bids)
    • Keep content off


  1. Asses Performance
    • Keep an eye on CPC, CVR: start to identify your best terms. Look for more negative words in Search Query Report
    • Evaluate Ads:


  1. Launch on Bing, Yahoo
    • Bing is easy conversion, less competition. Copy past all.
    • Yahoo set keywords to standard match (phrase)


  1. Time to find more keywords
    • Separate ad group/campaign
    • Set low CPC


  1. Refine Ad groups
    • Separate out high impression words


  1. Try the content network
    • Try placement and keyword


  1. Measure your effort


  1. Celebrate Success

According to Kayden Kelly, here is the 90 Day SEM Fitness Plan focusing on Conversion and ROI. Kayden Kelly also talks about some tools in helping us analyze the conversions.

  1. Conversion
    • Let users design your site.
    • Xenu helps identify broken links
    • Use YSlow to find performance issues


  1. Measurement: crazy egg helps determine where people are clicking that cant be clicked


  1. Click Tale: blank field report, usability testing


  1. Qualitative Surveys 4Q surveys (free tool): has more than 50 tips which are very small and basic things but are highly important.

Moderator: Jennifer Laycock (Search Engine Guide)
Stoney deGeyter, Pole Position Marketing
Kayden Kelly, Blast Advanced Media
Matt McGee, Search Engine Land
Matt Van Wagner, Find Me Faster

Contributed by: Justin Varghese, Zulema Romero, Milestone Internet Marketing

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