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7 Ways to Get Your Website on Page 1 Organically

Aug 26, 2008   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Content is King

  • If your site has the same structure and same keyword density as your competitor but your competitor has more pages on their website, they will rank better than your site because of more content.
  • Create a specific measurable goal for every page
  • Compel your readers to take actions that result in 3 things (make a sale, capture emails, & generate a quality lead

Navigation & architecture of the website

  • Go with navigation & architecture that engines can index
  • Be careful when using Javascript, flash, etc.

Blogs (Blog is another form of content i.e. pictures, text, videos, etc.)

  • Golden triangles of search engines are dominated by blogs (social media).
  • The reason why blogs rank so well because the content is frequently updated (UGC) and people always link to them.

Quality & keyword rich inbound links

  • Use keywords instead of brand name

Types of database installed on your website.

  • Database has amazing content that can be indexed by search engines
  • Make sure to use software or database tool that allows search engines to read the content

Electronic press releases

  • Press release is the best way to spread the news and tell people about your brand
  • Many times a press release also ranks in the TOP 10 at Google within 1-2 weeks and provides targeted visitors to your web site for months and months to come

Domain Name strategy

  • Use keyword-rich domain name
  • Age of domain name (the older the domain name is, the more points you get from search engines.

Contributed by: Mariko Kato, Milestone Internet Marketing

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