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5 Tips for Better Facebook Ad Performance

May 24, 2012   |   Web Design and Promotion
Facebook Ad Performance

Advertisers no longer question, “should I run Facebook ads?” But instead they ask, “How can I run successful Facebook ads?” As advertisers experiment with Facebook ads, here are some proven techniques to improve ad performance:

Tips for Better Facebook Ads

  1. Take Advantage of Targeting by Gender or Location
    • Use all targeting options available to you – this will control costs
    • Targeted ads will help you evaluate results as well as improve conversions
  1. Refresh Facebook Ad Creatives 2-3 Times Per Week
    • Ad Fatigue occurs much faster on Facebook vs. other paid channels
    • Refreshing your ad will increase clicks and bring new users to your landing page

Tips for Better Facebook Ads

Figure 1: clicks have declined over a period of 2 weeks due to ad fatigue


  1. Keep Your Ad Creatives Simple
    • Make sure your ad is easy to read with simple language. Do not try to fit every detail into the ad – just the most compelling aspects of your product or special
    • Use Facebook language-such as “like”, “fans”, and “comment” to encourage engagement with your ads
  1. Landing pages
    • Your ad should direct users to the most relevant landing page
    • Make sure to include the specific information that you mentioned in the ad for an increase in conversions
  1. Evaluate your campaign performance
    • Use Facebook and Google Analytics to track and evaluate your campaign performance
    • Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is a particularly good indicator of how well your ads are doing

The Facebook Advertising platform will continue to evolve and develop as more advertisers continue to use this channel. The tips above will help you optimize your ads and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Contributed by Amanda Brinkerhoff, PPC Manager

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