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Milestone in the Forrester Now Tech Agile CMS Report

Apr 18, 2022   |   Company news, Site-CMS
Milestone in Forrester Now Tech Agile CMS Report

Agility in creating digital experiences is a competitive advantage in the current era. Forrester defines an Agile content management system as:

“A platform that allows all users — developers, creatives, marketers, and business users to collaboratively create and deploy content-driven digital experiences to omnichannel touchpoints and then gain insights from the results.”

Further Forrester outlines agile content management system impact as those that “engages customers with both traditional and headless experiences Supports the upstream creative process Builds the foundation for personalization at scale.”

Forrester included Milestone Inc. in the 2022 Now Tech Agile Content Management Systems Q1 2022 report.

Forrester also included Milestone Inc. in its January 2022 report, Making The Case For a Multi-CMS Strategy, as a provider of complementary CMS solutions. The premise of that report is that business users whose companies have enterprise CMSes who need more agility may want to add a complementary CMS for location or campaign pages or seasonal or event microsites.

You can read more in the Forrester blog post here:

Milestone Inc. increases acquisition by enhancing digital experience and increasing content visibility. Milestone does this with its digital experience platform and adds service as you need to grow your results.

Read our press release and learn more at or email us at [email protected].

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