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How to Hire an SEO – Salaries, Types & Titles

Nov 11, 2010   |   SEO
How to hire an SEO Milestone Inc

“How to Hire an SEO” offered some extremely valuable tips for SEO-driven companies and advice on what to look for when hiring an SEO candidate for their team. Here are some of the critical take-away points from her presentation:

  • What do you look for when hiring an in-house SEO expert? Here are the top qualities you want them to possess:
    • Personable
    • Patient
    • Inquisitive
    • Influencer
  • SEO experts also come in all different “flavors” of expertise. There are these types of SEO specialists:
    • Marketing SEOs
    • Engineering/web developer SEOs
    • Copywriting/editorial SEOs
    • Social media SEOs
  • Consider what you need when you hire – look for someone that has a mix of strengths:
    • Technically focused to build a website
    • Provides visibility and link building – social media/marketing focused
    • Marketing campaign integration to organic strategy
    • Content writing focused and ability to create strong web content
  • Your SEO expert should be able to balance PPC and organic strategies, they should know when/where the opportunities are found online, build strategy, understand SEO in the marketing mix, and be SEO “wizards”
  • Your SEO-savvy copywriters should know blogging etiquette
  • Your social media SEOs should be socially personable, a born multi-tasker with borderline ADD, and excellent delegators
  • What title do I give my SEO employees?
    • SEO/M Specialist
    • SEO/M Manager
    • SEO/M Program Manager
    • SEO/M Director
    • SEO/M Strategist
    • SEO/M Expert
    • SEO/M Engineer
    • SEO/M Analyst
    • SEO/M Technologist

This post “How to Hire an SEO” for your team was very beneficial for any company looking to hire an in-house SEO expert and also offered anyone working with an SEO agency some specific attribute to look for in their ideal candidate to run their campaign. Hire the right person for your needs and the job, and the results should be the proven record of your successful search for the right person!

Next, we recommend you read Why Is SEO Important to help you make the case for SEO in your organization.

Contributed by: Natalie Evans, Milestone Inc

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