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SEO Trends and Industry Update from Google

Nov 11, 2010   |   SEO
SEO Trends and Industry Update from Google Milestone Inc

Matt Cutts provided a summary of what Google did this year and what are some of the big trends, opportunities/areas to focus on.

  1. Mobile is growing phenomenally. Most of the mobile searches are local in nature.
  2. Chrome is growing its market share. It offers great extensions such as speed tracer, resolution test, and web developer testing.
  3. Trust, Safety, and Security are on the top of Google’s priority list.
  4. Speed is a huge factor. Google did several things to improve overall speed of relevant results – Caffeine, Real time search, Google Instant, Instant Previews, Gmail Priority box are all about improving speed. They also added site speed report in webmaster tools.
  5. In old days Google used to crawl sites once a month, then they did once a day and now it is real time.
    1. Caffeine offers incremental indexing. i.e. It is much faster than old crawler. Keeping your site fresh helps in getting into search results.
    2. Google Instant helps you improve speed.
      • 3 ways to count as an impression in instant Search
        • User hits search/enter or selects query from auto complete
        • User clicks on a link
        • User stops typing for 3 seconds
    3. Instant Previews:  Google just launched Instant Previews. Quickly decide which result to click. It also helps you look which portion of your site is making up SERPs. You can fix your SERPs if you know which elements are making up your search results.
  6. You can change location and see search results. Google also merged Google local and organic results.
  7. For Web Developers – Google offered the following to make site download faster:
    • mod_pagespeed
    • Asynchronous Google Analytics
    • SPDY Protocol
  8. Google SEO Report Card and SEO Starter Guide – two guides to review some of the latest updated guidelines.
  9. Auto captions on your videos via speech recognition.
  10. More data communication through webmaster tool
  11. Big Trends – mobile, local, social, More channels to show up in search results (video, real time, news), HTML5
  12. Nine Tips everyone should know:
    1. As SEO: chase users not the algorithm.
    2. Keywords – Ask Taxi Driver Rule. Keep it simple.
    3. Blog – pay attention to the first link. Put most important tip as the very first link.
    4. Content – Content writer read it out loud.
    5. Twitter – leave room for “RT @[YOU].”
    6. VIDEO – make one.
    7. Do Conversion Test, repeat, guide user.
    8. Own your own domain.
    9. Turn on Email notification in webmaster tools.

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