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Measure Your Content Performance and Track SEO Success Using Milestone’s Content Health Report

Feb 05, 2020   |   SEO
Measure your content performance and track SEO success using Milestone’s Content Health Report -, Milestone Inc.

It is almost a given, website content is the backbone of any business online. With the eCommerce Foundation highlighting in their content marketing survey that 88% prefer to read and research a product online before deciding to make a purchase, it is no head breaker that website content strings engagement with an audience, builds trust and credibility of a business.

In fact, as per an ABG Essentials study, content marketing has resulted in 6X business conversions as compared to other digital marketing methods.

That said, having content on a website is not an automatic ticket to success, and having the right tools to measure and track the performance of your business’s website content is imperative to scale and build a reputation online – by being visible on SERPs. Which brings us to a feature we recently launched – the Milestone Insights Content Health Report.

Why does your business need a Content Health Report?

BERT has established that search today is conversational and emphasizes on the intent of users online. Rather than just focus on keyword data, the Milestone Insights Content Health report is all about real-time data of your content performance and uses metrics such as queries, clicks, impressions, click-through rate, bounce rate, and average time on site, to measure your content performance and track opportunities.

Using the aforementioned metrics, the report will give your business key insights on where your content is positioned on SERPs (Universal Search Results) and rich result growth over time.

What’s important is to track the trends of your content and keywords and take opportunities to improve traffic – which is what the Content Health Report is all about.

Key Features of the Milestone Insights Content Health Report

With the key objective of the Content Health Report to assess the website performance, organic growth, and realize opportunities, here are key features of the report:


Understand where you are saturating as Universal Search Results on Google

Universal Search Results on Google -, Milestone Inc.

As a content marketer, the goal would be tqo see the rich result growth, different results your business is showing up for, and look for opportunities to fill up the shelf space on SERPs. The report displays the type of Universal Search Results that your business has featured in – either in the answer box, local pack, as a site link, carousel, featured snippet, in the knowledge graph on SERPs, as an image, video, news piece, etc.

Tip: Look for opportunities to be featured as a Universal Search Result.
More real estate on SERPs = higher engagement = more business conversions. Analyze how Google decides to display your content as a rich result.


Top website search queries

Top website search queries -, Milestone Inc.

For the date range selected, our Content Health Report fetches real-time data from Google Search Console (GSC) to help businesses assess the top search queries, click data and their Google PPC savings. Use the filters to see top results query data and update your content to improve CTR. In addition, identify striking distance keywords (Page 2 keywords) and queries that are receiving a considerable amount of traffic and optimize CTR using keyword opportunities to achieve Page 1 visibility.

  • top website search queries  -, Milestone Inc.
  • top website search queries slide2 -, Milestone Inc.
  • top website search queries slide3 -, Milestone Inc.

Tip: Measure your growth and impressions post site live or once you have updated your content


Performance of Branded Vs. Non-Branded keyword strings

Performance of Branded Vs. Non-Branded keyword -, Milestone Inc.

To help you build the perfect content strategy to drive traffic to your website, the report displays the performance of branded and non-branded query strings. Identify and optimize a mix of branded and non-branded queries to improve traffic to your website.

Tip: Use this report to assess your Branded Vs. Non-branded visibility


Measure your rich result growth over time

Measure your rich result growth -, Milestone Inc.

Rich results are basically informational details of a business or a product or service that show up on SERPs when a query is made related to the business or product. Use content strategies such as FAQs, Events Page, etc., to optimize for rich results.

Tip: Use the filters to check which rich result is growing (How to, Q&A, Event)


Topic opportunities to improve website traffic

Topic opportunities to improve website traffic -, Milestone Inc.

The report lists the topic opportunities that should be included in the website content to improve traffic. It lists out the current performance of the topics – clicks, impressions CTR and SERP position – to help businesses understand how much more traffic and engagement can be achieved just by including the topics in their website content. Identify the topic opportunities and optimize using FAQs – for voice search queries (What, When, why).

Tip: Use the report to find non-branded keywords as opportunities to increase organic traffic to your website.


Performance of each website page

Performance of each website page -, Milestone Inc.

The report also lists out the performance of your organic referral pages (pages of your website). Optimize your CTR for pages with high impressions and low clicks by adding meta data, H1 tags, and relevant content. In addition, optimize striking distance pages (Page 2 result pages) with non-branded long-tail search queries.

Tip: Once updated, review data to see how things are measuring and trending over time. Look for an increase in impressions CTR


Overall Content Health Check

Overall Content Health Check -, Milestone Inc.

The report displays if the content has key SEO requirements for a page to rank – whether meta tags are present, if any duplicate tags should be flagged, if H1 tags are found or not, and if schemas are implemented to help search engines understand the context of the website content and deliver it as a rich result.

To make sure that your business is anchored on Google search, ask yourself the following questions using the Content Health Report. Is your content visible and are you seeing any organic growth (universal search results)? How is your page performing after making content updates, are you seeing in an increase in impressions and clicks post site live? How can you improve traffic (CTR) of Page 1 queries/keywords? Are your long-tail queries driving enough traffic to your website? Have you identified the top-ranking SEO search queries and your low-hanging fruits, which are your Page 2 striking distance keywords? What content strategies can you implement to optimize underperforming pages? Now, go through the report again, and you’ll see that all the answers to boost your content performance are under your nose.

Milestone constantly keeps a track of the latest digital marketing trends and Google Algorithms that affect search results and the visibility of businesses online. Apart from the Content Health Report to track the website’s performance and organic growth, we ensure that we stay ahead, and optimize our content to suit voice searches.

To get started on content optimization, check out our blogs “Voice search ready yet? Check now with our latest Voice Search Report” and “How schemas will impact the visibility of your website content following the effect of Google’s BERT update”. If you think your business needs visibility online and our Content Health Report as well as the other features we offer, are your ticket, call us at +1 408-200-2211 or mail us at [email protected].

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