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Introducing Milestone’s SEO Panel: Defining the Power of SEO

May 10, 2022   |   SEO
Introducing Milestone’s SEO Panel: Defining the Power of SEO

Did you know that 84%1 of searches are now discovery? This means that search engines like Google are becoming a source of information and solutions for users, and ensuring your page is delivering this information to the customer is core to SEO strategies.


Surprisingly, 45%2 of businesses face problems getting their pages indexed and crawled, this is mainly due to a lack of information regarding the requirements to be discovered by crawlers.

pages indexed and crawled

Source: ContentKing

With more than 50%3 of searches being carried out on mobile devices, a holistic SEO strategy needs to be created to target markets across devices. Grabbing the high-visibility positions on search is critical for businesses to drive engagement and conversions and as a result, businesses must invest time and resources in getting their SEO right.

But there is a problem here. Most businesses implement their SEO post site live and following SEO implementation, it still takes an average of 4-12 months for any results to start showing. This results in downtime in visibility and search and as a consequence, a drop in engagement and potential revenue. Yet despite all efforts, 90% of digital content has no audience.

Major Challenges for All Businesses

An answer to this problem is a CMS that has built-in functionality to optimize your on-page and technical SEO. This means that a CMS needs to be founded on the SEO guidelines and has the power to optimize its assets on delivery. It doesn’t stop here, even if a CMS does take care of the SEO of a business website with its built-in functionalities, how will the business actually quantify the value of its SEO efforts and draw a consensus on its impact on visibility?

We’ve got the answer.

Introducing Milestone CMS SEO Panel: One-stop dashboard for your business’s SEO status

Milestone CMS’ SEO Panel offers you transparency into all the SEO parameters taken care of by our CMS and displays the current status of the SEO parameters with actionable insights. Everything SEO that your business needs to take care of is categorized in 4 sections to ensure your website has met all the requirements to be visible on search right from the get-go.

Introducing Milestone CMS SEO Panel: One-stop dashboard for your business’s SEO status

Page Experience

The Page Experience section of the SEO Panel allows you to see whether your page meets Google’s Core Web Vitals requirements, which checks for performance, responsiveness, and visual stability of the page. Core Web Vitals are a ranking factor on Google as well. The mobile-friendliness of the page checks if the page has all the requirements to perform well on mobile devices by using templates and accelerated mobile pages (AMPs). The HTTPS certificate is verified to ensure you meet the security requirements for Google to trust your page. To check if site speed is managed efficiently the presence of CMS caching and CDN caching is included as well. Meeting all these requirements tells Google that your page is trustworthy and gives your users a good on-page experience.

Crawling and Indexing

The discovery of your content is paramount when it comes to SEO and ensuring search engines are aware of your content and indexing your pages for search is a foundational step in SEO strategies. As crawling and indexing of pages is one of the major pain points for most businesses, Milestone’s SEO panel addresses this issue with the Crawling and Indexing section, ensuring your pages provide search engines with all the required information to crawl and index them for relevant searches.

To ensure your pages are indexed right from the get-go, your pages are checked for Multi-language Sitemaps, robots.txt files, required redirect settings, efficient JavaScript management, image optimization by verifying alt tags and meta tags have been updated.

Content and Relevancy

Content is KING and search engines trust information that is structured, detailed and complete, so ensuring that your content meets these parameters is vital for maximizing the impact of your SEO strategy. Milestone’s SEO Panel lets you check if your content has titles and descriptions when required, if there is any duplication of content across pages, whether localization is complete for multi-language pages, and how digital assets like images and videos are managed.

Schema and Clickability

Context and relevance are becoming increasingly important when it comes to relevance on search engines and entity optimization seems to be taking center stage in Google’s ecosystem. This technical SEO technique allows you to optimize your website content and inform search engines about the context of a page, enabling search engines to deliver your content as rich results for relevant queries. The Clickability & Schema section lets you see if schema, or structured data, has been deployed on your website, the placement of keywords through the content on your site so that it is accurately indexed for relevant searches, and whether titles and meta descriptions have been added for your URLs.

Having built and deployed more than 10,000 websites for top brands across the world, our Milestone’s SEO-first CMS has been pivotal in driving the visibility of businesses on search as soon as the website is live and even following migrations. The results have been startling and this is due to the fact that SEO is addressed at the root and not after a website is live. To know about Milestone CMS and our newly launched SEO Panel contact us at [email protected] or call us at 408-200-2211.

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