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Google Search Ranking Algorithm Updates

Dec 28, 2017   |   SEO
Google Search Ranking Algorithm Updates -, Milestone Inc.

December is the month of festivities and family holidays, usually business activity is much slower with techies taking a break from a whole year of hard work…not really.

SearchEngineLand recently published updates and changes happening to Google SERP, just when you thought it was ok to take it easy for the holidays.

Maccabees Pre-Holiday Update:

Experts spotted high SERP volatility for mobile devices (rather than desktop.) Although the changes span many categories on mobile, among the most affected of these categories are automotive & vehicles, and Law & government. Many experts are still speculating about the exact nature of update, scope and the impact. But there are signs which indicate the new year will bring some updates which might impact mobile SERPs and websites not marked with schemas.

Should I be concerned about the recent Google update?

If your website is mobile responsive with quality content and most up to date schema across all pages of the website, and your website is not relying on doorway pages, then you should just sit back and enjoy your holiday season with the family.

At Milestone we analyzed many of our client websites after the update from verticals that include hotels, retail chains, and banks. Our analysis found many positive stories with regards to better positions on mobile for the same keywords & better CTRs.

Milestone is leading the mobile search technology trends:

Mobile devices represent more than 60% of traffic and more than 50% of searches; our team of experts are helping us stay current as new technologies and solutions come into existence.

  • Milestone recently launched mobile-first website designs that goes beyond a “responsive” site which just re-formats your desktop content.
  • Milestone introduced websites that deploy progressive web app (PWA) technology. Our websites will have the capability to offer an app-like experience that prioritizes user-interactions and presents content to boost conversions.
  • Milestone mobile websites are also powered by HTTPS – a secure architecture that provides peace of mind to consumers and boosts rankings.
  • Milestone was the first vendor in the hospitality space, and one of the first non-publishers to adopt the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) standard, resulting in impressive performance for our clients. AMP pages load in a fraction of the time of traditional mobile pages and result in higher conversion rate and ROI.
  • Lastly, all our mobile websites have schema wrapped around the content to drive conversion and user intent.

All Milestone websites are marked up with schemas:

At Milestone, we develop websites based on a rich legacy of technology, innovation, and best practices including websites optimized with schemas that help search engines index website data quickly and improve click-through rates. Website schemas are at the heart of how voice-search interacts with your website and are critical to having a site that is easily found. We can embed your content with over 90 schema-types to deliver the best user experience and maximize ROI.

Next year will be an exciting year for digital marketing, especially with Googles push to roll out more mobile focused search engine updates. Staying ahead of this change can be truly rewarding and will present new opportunities for your business. Should you like more information about all the innovation occurring across Milestone, our team of experts with over 19 years of experience are here to help you, please feel free to reach out to us, [email protected] or +1-408-200-2211.

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