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How Gaia Hotel & Spa Got a 10X ROI with a Last-Minute Black Friday Omnichannel Campaign

Dec 12, 2017   |   Hotel
How Gaia Hotel & Spa Got a 10X ROI with a Last Minute Black Friday Omnichannel Campaign -, Milestone Inc.

What if you could get a 10X return on investment – using a “last minute” omnichannel campaign with a very modest investment? That’s what a Milestone customer achieved recently by enlisting the help of Milestone Inc. to drive a Black Friday/Cyber Monday special offer that was targeted at “last minute” shoppers.

The Campaign

Milestone worked with the Gaia Hotel and Spa in Redding, CA to implement a digital marketing campaign aimed at boosting reservations by offering a special Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign. The omnichannel marketing campaign had several unique components, was very focused, and ran for a very limited time (November 22 to November 27). The primary goal was to drive interest from “last minute” shoppers who would be enticed by a Black Friday offer. The Omnichannel campaign featured:

  • Targeted Google AdWords Campaign
  • Boosted Facebook Posts
  • Geo-targeting to California residents
  • Targeted content on the home page and a custom landing page

The results

The client saw impressive results, across the entire campaign. The ads received nearly 3,000 impressions. In addition, mobile was the platform of choice for deal-hunters during Thanksgiving – with nearly 73% of Google AdWords performance coming from mobile devices. The Facebook campaign reached over 1100 people and combined with the AdWords campaign to drive 293-page views for the Black Friday offer, with an average time-on-site of over 5 minutes. In total, the campaign generated an ROI of 10X over the 4-day period.

Takeaway: Micro-targeted campaigns work!

The biggest takeaway from this campaign is that it’s never too late to run a holiday special or special promotion. Even when the duration of the campaign is limited by time, the results can be substantial. This is precisely why Milestone developed the IdeaLabs omnichannel campaigns, a special menu of programs like the one featured here, that let you use discretionary funds to promote special events and offers. Whether you want to promote a New Year’s Eve party, Valentine Day special, or that big sporting event coming to your city – the possibilities are endless.

Milestone IdeaLabs campaigns provide everything your hotel needs to drive direct business for your special event:

  • A competitive analysis to determine what will work best in your market
  • A content-marketing bundle that includes banners, an event landing page, social media content, and event content added to your website FAQ module
  • Local search updates to promote your offer on local search channels
  • Geo-targeted paid media that includes social, google display, and more
  • Website conversion features like a retargeting campaign and push notifications via PWA
  • Campaign-specific analytics to help you measure and optimize your campaign

All of this is available for one low price. This program can be deployed on any website, even if Milestone is not hosting your site.

To learn more about IdeaLabs and other Milestone digital marketing initiatives and how we can help, call us at (408) 200-2211, or email us at [email protected].

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