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Milestone Inc. Partners with Nextdoor – the Largest Hyperlocal Social Networking Service for Neighborhoods

Sep 17, 2021   |   Local Promotion, Local Search, Press Release, SEO
Milestone Inc. Partners with Nextdoor – the Largest Hyperlocal Social Networking Service for Neighborhoods

Making sure you are where your customers are is crucial to any business, and that’s why it’s important for any local business to have a robust local listing management system. Managing your local listings improves your visibility and presence across search engines and platforms and ensures that your business is relevant for customers queries online.

Not just local, focusing on a hyperlocal market is advantageous for businesses. According to a study conducted by Go Gulf:

hyperlocal market is advantageous for businesses.

To make sure that the businesses we manage are found everywhere, we’re proud to announce that Milestone has partnered with Nextdoor. Adding to our already long list of social platforms on which we manage local listings for businesses across the globe, Nextdoor is the world’s largest social network for neighborhoods. Just moved into a new area and wish to know the closest bank, that café serving mouth-watering apple crumble, or even where you can purchase your next sofa? Nextdoor connects neighborhoods to local businesses in 250,000 neighborhoods across 11 countries and helps neighbors get connected, stay informed, and find trusted local information to address their daily needs.

Milestone’s integration for Nextdoor will allow local businesses working with us to maximize the visibility of all their business profiles with our efficient local listing management platform.

Talking hyperlocal, 1 in 3 households in the United States are active on Nextdoor, and it is one of the best places to improve your hyperlocal presence. 88% of Nextdoor users shop at local businesses at least once a week. Nextdoor has an active community of members who provide recommendations to other members about local businesses. 67% of members share recommendations with their neighbors, and 76% of members have been influenced by recommendations on Nextdoor.

Milestone’s partnership with Nextdoor will allow us to create integrations that will help manage location data effortlessly across thousands of locations and connect businesses to customers in their locality. Having the listings of your business locations on Nextdoor with our recent partnership gives your business the opportunity to leverage Nextdoor’s extensive userbase and Milestone’s local listing management system to drive the visibility of your local business through the roof.

To know more about Milestone’s holistic local solution and how we manage the listings and drive the visibility of businesses across the globe, contact us at [email protected] or call us on 408-200-2211.

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