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Visual Analytics: Conversion Juice for the Brain

Mar 20, 2011   |   Industry News
Visual Analytics

SEO requires heavy data lifting and analysis. The quantity of numbers and metrics often can be overwhelming in SEO. Hence visual analytics, a new method of data analysis, can now be applied to the search marketing efforts.

Charlotte Bourne of and Wister Walcott of Marin Software shared a number of concepts, applications and tools in the area of visual analytics at SMX West 2011. A good number of applications were very relevant to the field of paid search. Some key points which emerged:

  • Visual analytics help express numerical data via images, which can show trends in one quick look.
  • Visual analytics can help with examining relationships between various entities: websites, back links, social search, paid search etc. in an easy to analyze format.
  • Visual analytics can also help with immediate, real time data analytics via a few new tools. It provides real time metrics about traffic, visits, website metrics etc.

Visual Analytics, a new approach of looking at SEO data, can be used to process and analyze the huge quantity of data visually. Looking at data visually can often reveal interesting patterns and relationships between the various SEO components.

Contributed by: Manisha Kumar, Milestone Internet Marketing

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