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How to Effectively Manage Large Scale PPC Campaigns

Nov 15, 2010   |   Industry News, Web Design and Promotion
Large Scale PPC Campaigns

PubCon Las Vegas – Enterprise Level Bid Management

Moderator: Daniel Boberg
Dave Roth, Yahoo! Inc, Kevin Lee,, Eric Enge, Stone Temple Consulting Corporation, Wister Walcott, Marin Software.

Managing a paid search program today is very different than it was three years ago. PPC programs from search engines have expanded and became more robust as each year passes by, meaning that the number of variables to pay attention to has also grown. This session of PubCon Las Vegas focused on the challenges of managing large scale paid search campaigns across multiple channels and the best techniques to effectively manage PPC campaigns.

Wister Walcott of Marin Software spoke about the key factors in improving paid search performance beyond just bidding techniques. The following were some of his main points:

  1. Negative Keywords are extremely important as they help refine the search queries that trigger your ads to appear, cut costs by eliminating unqualified clicks and increase quality score by decreasing unqualified impressions.
  2. Using all three types of match types: broad, phrase and exact.
  3. Having strong, compelling ad copy and testing different creatives.

Strong reporting that allows you to compare data over time.

Wister Walcott of Marin Software speaks to the importance and challenges of testing and comparing ad copy
Conclusion: The key take away from this session was understanding that when it comes to managing and optimizing large scale PPC campaigns, little things make a big difference. By sticking to the absolute basics of PPC management and doing them right, you will have a much better chance of running a profitable, high CTR PPC campaign.

Contributed by: Kate Rasmussen, Milestone Internet Marketing

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