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Budget season is coming… Here’s how to be ready

Jul 09, 2018   |   Digital Marketing Ideas, ENGAGE
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Budget season is coming... Here's how to be ready

For many industries, the summer months mean one thing: Budget season is almost here. But how do you prepare for Budget season? What’s the best way to get ahead of the rapidly changing tide of technology in the digital marketing world? One word: ENGAGE 2018. If you’ve been to past ENGAGE conferences, you know that it’s unique in the world of customer conferences.

At Milestone ENGAGE we cover critical topics that will impact your business. Like all previous years, 2018 will give you insights into how things are changing, and what it means to your business:

  • Voice search, how it’s changing search, and what it means to your content strategy
  • Mobile – why responsive mobile is no longer enough and what the key technologies are that matter in 2019
  • Why story-telling websites are critical in a voice-search world
  • Upcoming trends in local search and voice search that will impact your business
  • Analytics in digital marketing and how it can improve your bottom line – a case study you won’t want to miss
  • The fundamentals of SEO that will impact your business
  • Competitive insights and how they matter to you

And that’s just the start, you will also hear amazing case studies that will give you inspiration to create the kind of omnichannel campaigns that win awards.

So join us for ENGAGE 2018 – sign up today!

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