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Bank and credit union marketing, Milestone Inc.

6 Keys to Banking and Credit Union Marketing Success: Website,...

January 31, 2021   |   Banking
As a bank or credit union in the US, the past year has brought a raft of difficulties and disruption. It’s time to harness the new forms of online living that enable leads to...
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Webinar Recap: 2021 Digital Trends Webinar

Webinar Recap: Digital Marketing and Business Trends for 2021

January 29, 2021   |   Webinar, Webinar Recap
In this webinar Milestone experts, Anil Aggarwal and Erik Newton discussed key 2021 digital trends. The audience can use these trends to shape their comprehensive marketing to...
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Ad quality and ad rank Milestone Inc

Guide to Google Quality Score and How It Impacts Ad Rank –...

January 11, 2021   |   Paid Media
What are quality score and ad rank? Where your paid search ad appears is the result of a number of factors. Ad Rank is a measure of content quality for the paid ads and landing...
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Choosing the right content management system or CMS -, Milestone Inc.

Guide to Choosing the Perfect CMS in 2021

January 8, 2021   |   Web Design and Promotion
Your website and mobile presence are the most powerful channels for driving direct leads and traffic to your business. Selecting the right content management system (CMS) for your...
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Guide to reviews and reputation -, Milestone Inc.

Guide to Managing Reviews and Building Business Reputation in...

January 6, 2021   |   Social
Brand reputation and the reviews left online play a critical role in an organization’s ability to grow. They influence not only the number of customers willing to buy a product...
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Schemas improve SEO impressions and results Research from Milestone Milestone Inc

Schemas Positively Impact Visibility and SEO Performance

January 1, 2021   |   SEO
SEO visibility, non-brand share, and traffic increase materially with error-free advanced schemas vs. sites without schemas Rich media search results have replaced the traditional...
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Plan Strategies to Increase Traffic and Revenue -, Milestone Inc.

2021 Hotel Strategies to Increase Traffic and Revenue

December 30, 2020   |   Hotel
With multiple vaccines on the way, the end of the pandemic is visible, so now is the right time to consider and plan for recovery. Milestone has picked out some top proven...
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Why are schemas important -, Milestone Inc.

Why Are Schemas Important for SEO in 2021?

December 29, 2020   |   SEO
One of the most overlooked SEO practices is the use of schemas to properly tag your website content. If you are looking for some practical advice on schemas, how they benefit your...
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Top-5-Digital-Metrics-for-Hotels -, Milestone Inc.

Top 5 Digital Metrics for Hotels

December 21, 2020   |   Hotel, SEO
If you have some slow days toward the end of the year, take a look at your reporting and dashboards and make sure they include these key metrics: Total visits Unique visitors...
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Why is SEO important? -, Milestone Inc.

Why Is SEO Important?

December 12, 2020   |   SEO
There are many reasons SEO is important and will help drive your business. Here are the top 10 reasons. SEO is the largest channel. If you exclude Direct as a channel, SEO will be...
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