Benefits Of Long Tail Keywords and A Tool That Help!

First let’s find out what is a long tail keyword?  These are primarily 3 or 5 keywords which are very specific to what your website is selling and what people are looking for. Keyword tools like wordtracker and keyword discovery help you find out keyword phrases for that specific market. An example would be, if you are looking to position your hotel located near casinos in Atlantic City for a discount package, a good long tail keyword phrase would be “atlantic city casino hotel package discount”.

There are 3 benefits to having long tail keywords

Here’s benefit #1. When you have a specifically targeted long tail keyword, customers are looking for exactly that particular information. These specific search triggers higher conversion to your website than the other generic keywords

Secondly, specific multi-word keyword phrases have a tendency to rank much higher and better than single or dual word keyword phrases. For example: “romantic jacuzzi hotel rooms in atlantic city new jersey” would rank much better because people are specifically looking for hotels in Atlantic City with Jacuzzi versus having a generic keyword like “Jacuzzi hotels NJ

Also in my research I found Google prefers sites which have lot of good content. Make sure to offer substantial, unique and relevant information to each and every page. And incorporate long tail keywords to these unique pages.

Finally, here’s a cool tool that will help figure out your websites long tail keywords or help you spy on your competitors long tail keywords which are ranking high; through seodigger. It is a free tool which allows you to put in your website URL and shows all the top 20 keywords that rank high. Go to and register yourself for free.

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Contributed by: Bhuvana Krishnan, Milestone Internet Marketing

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You’re right on target with this. I’ve found that having long tail keywords in my page titles or blog posts draws far more traffic than trying to competive on broad/general phrases.

Thanks, Bhuvana. Long tail traffic is easier to optimize for and generally cheaper to bid on in the ppcs because there is less competition. In addition to converting better, as you state, I usually see higher click through rates and lower cost per conversion. Long live the long tail!

Long tail keywords are so much easier to rank for, and it creates much better convesions which is the whole point anyway. Many people get to caught up with just trying to get traffic anyway they can, but if there not using your service than there is no point. A good conversion rate also makes your site more important to google.

Wow! It is quite educating and i am going to try this for my site. Lets see what would happened. 🙂

Completely agree that targeting long-tail searches can achieve significantly better results than chasing after the generic, short-tail searches. “Atlantic City casino hotel package discount” will always work better than more generic casino searches.

I recently did some research on PPC searches containing different numbers of words (i.e. short, medium and long-tail searches), and came to similar conclusions to yourself: that long-tails often rank better because they have less competition, and that since people making long-tail searches are often further along in the buying cycle and are therefore more motivated to buy, conversion rates are often much higher.

I also found that since people making long-tail searches are typically more specific in their needs, long-tails present a great opportunity to write highly targeted and tailored ads and achieve a strong CTR. Although the research was carried out with more of a PPC focus, the general principles still apply for SEO.

This is really good stuff. Long tail keywords has its own advantages like most people on internet not intelligent and today most visitor prefer 3 or 4 words to find their result. Second some people long tail keywords to find specific result which is display in above stuff. Its really good stuff and useful for beginner in SEO field.

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