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Top 10 Organic Search Trends For 2012

Jan 26, 2012   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Top 10 Organic Search Trends

Here is Milestone’s top 10 organic search trends for 2012 to help boost your online presence and start off the year with a bang. This article identifies some key trends in the online SEO world that can impact your site’s performance, visibility and conversion.

  1. Improve conversion with enhanced analytics: Monitor on-page analytics to analyze detailed information about visitor behavior and interaction.
  2. Personalization, localization, and socialization: Information and search results are becoming more and more personalized, localized, and socialized. Businesses should create robust and optimized Bing Local, Google Places, and Hyperlocal profiles.
  3. Multi channel marketing & consistency in cross implementation: Multi-Channel Marketing will increase in 2012 with diversification in channels such as local, social, images, blogs, videos etc. It will be very crucial to cross implement what’s working and to have a consistent strategy.
  4. Universal search saturation: A user’s ability to search for information through multiple channels and devices (mobile, blog, image, and social search) makes it that much more important for a business to be present in these avenues. Making integration of social sharing elements like Facebook Like and Google Plus buttons on your site critical.
  5. Create a platform for content freshness: New, fresh and relevant content will be a major focus in 2012. Check your content strategy to ensure that new and fresh content is added on a regular basis.
  6. Site quality, usability, & performance: Website and page quality have become very critical post-Google Panda updates. Important visibility factors will include site structure, download speed, readability, usability, and usefulness to searchers. Ensure your website is compatible with the latest technology and platforms.
  7. Farewell to rankings: Page rank will become less and less important due to ranking becoming more personalized and not static. SERPs now vary depending on the user’s location, intent, search history, and social circles.
  8. Organic growth in qualitative links: The importance of organic high quality links from authoritative sources such as .edu and .gov will continue to increase.
  9. Search results saturation and management: Google and other search engines are providing ‘preview’ features in their search results such as rich snippets, user reviews, and Google Places page preview. Make sure your site looks good from these search result pages.
  10. Online brand management: Consistent brand information such as URL, Name, Address, Phone Number (UNAP) — as well as online reviews management via review sites, directory listings, and social channels — will be an important factors for search impacting user behavior and decision making.


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Contributed by Bhawna Sharma, Sr. eStrategist, Milestone Internet Marketing

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