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2013 Top Internet Marketing Trends and Resolutions – [Webinar Recap]

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Top Online Marketing Trends & Resolutions for 2013

Thanks again to all of today’s attendees – you helped to make this our most popular webinar yet! We want to keep bringing you the latest information that matters to you, so if there’s something specific you’d like to discuss in an upcoming webinar, please leave a comment below or email anyone at Milestone directly.

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Webinar recap

What: Webinar – Top 2013 Internet Marketing Trends
When: Wednesday, February 13 from 10:00am – 11:00am Pacific Time

Benu Aggarwal, President and Founder, Milestone Internet Marketing
Brittany Bingham, Social Media Team Lead Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing
Kchitiz Regmi, Vice President – Operations and Technology, Milestone Internet Marketing

Mike Supple, Sr. Social Media Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing

Like all years, 2013 is bringing rapid change to the internet marketing industry. Keeping the focus of all your strategies on what is best for your customers will ensure that you stay top of mind (and at the top of search results!). To that end, we put together a list of the 10 resolutions that you as a hotel owner can strive for, keeping you ahead of the game.

Say it with me – in 2013, I will:

  1. focus on creating engaging, relevant, high quality content on my website;
  2. start a conversation with the search engines by marking up my site with SCHEMAs;
  3. create a robust mobile plan that has as much thought as my website strategy;
  4. focus on robust cross channel optimization;
  5. make linkbuilding an act focused on quality, not quantity;
  6. take time to question my site’s usability – it will lead to conversions;
  7. uild a thoughtful social content marketing strategy across all channels;
  8. leverage social media in my digital marketing; it is a must-have element of SEO;
  9. focus on direct bookings: the OTAs will always be a player, so I’m bringing my A-game;
  10. leverage remarketing and retargeting to capture pre-qualified audiences.

Webinar Q&A

  1. What percentage of my website visits should I expect to see turn into conversions?
    The answer to this will vary across industries, and is strongly influenced by many factors, but we see the following averages: 11-16% for new visitors and 25%+ for return visitors.
  2. How do I deploy SCHEMA on my website?
    SCHEMAs are integrated into the actual HTML programming of your site. For more information, visit
  3. How do I include SCHEMA markup in my social media efforts?
    You can only add SCHEMA tags to content you host on a domain you control – so you can include schema markup on your blogs, but not other social channels.
  4. Is local linkbuilding important for businesses that are not location based?
    Linkbuilding in general is important (focusing on quality, not quantity) but local linkbuilding is generally best for busniesses that have a specific geographic location. If you are not location based, focus more on niche industry linkbuilding.
  5. What does Google’s Browser Size tool do?
    This is a great tool for seeing how your website will show up in various screen resolutions when visitors land on it. Use this to make sure that your top conversion elements are visible to the largest percentage of internet users.
  6. What is the link to your blog post about Facebook Graph Search?
  7. What is the difference between short tail and long tail keywords?
    Short tail keywords are usually one or two words maximum, and apply in a very broad sense to your business. They usually have a very high monthly search volume. An example of short tail keywords for a hotel in Boston would be “boston hotel.” Long tail keywords are three or more words in length, and are usually more specific to what it is your business does or offers. An example of long tail keywords would be “luxury hotel near boston harbor.”
  8. Our social marketing mainly targets local communities. How do we reach a larger audience?There are many ways to reach new audiences with social media, depending on your end goals. Some of the best ways are: 1) Research local events that appeal to your target audience and get involved in conversations about the events; 2) make sure that you are networking with key local players’ and communities’ pages refuqnetly, whether it be @mentioning them, sharing their content, liking or commeting on it; and 3) highly localized sociall ppc is incredibly effective (especially on Facebook) as long as you have a very clearly defined conversion element.

Additional references/resources

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