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An Introduction to Remarketing

Aug 19, 2010   |   Speaking Our Minds
An Introduction to Remarketing

Introduction to Remarketing


Moderator: Matt McGowan, Publisher and Head of U.S., Incisive Media

Speakers: Danielle Yomotobian, CEO and Founder of, Rob Leathern, CEO of, Kevin Lee, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Didit, and Aitan Weinberg, Senior Product Manager of Google, Inc.


Research shows that an astounding 90% of people who visit a website leave without completing the desired action that the online marketer wanted them to take. How can marketers find more effective ways of communicating with their customers online? In this session of SES SF, we learn about the powerful, under-used tool of remarketing and how to use it to increase customer connectivity and ROI.


Remarketing is the act of re-messaging users who have visited your website but have not converted through the use of simple pixels (i.e. cookies). Dan Yomotobian of expanded upon the benefits of remarketing:

  • Ability to market to your own visitors who have already shown an interest in your product
  • Highly targeted
  • Potential customers with high awareness of your brand
  • Increases likelihood of return traffic (up to a 42% increase of return visitors)
  • Builds brand relationship and trust

Yomotobian also revealed the different types of remarketing strategies. Depending on how granular you want to go with your remarketing, there are three different strategies:

  • Traditional: remarket your product to users who visited your website but did not convert
  • Segmentation: only remarket your products to users who already purchased one of your products
  • Dynamic Targeting: remarketing based on the user’s individual product interests

Rob Leathern of advised that in order to deploy a successful remarketing strategy, your website must attract a minimum of 40k-50k visitors per month. He also cautioned marketers about the optimal frequency curve: Don’t get too “CREEPY” with your remarketing strategies! Always put yourself in the mind of the consumer when thinking about how often you remarket someone and ensure to steer far from becoming like Big Brother.

Lastly, the SES SF audience had the pleasure of taking advice straight from the source of Aitan Weinberg, Senior Product Manager of Google:

  • User remarketing as a component of your larger campaign strategies
  • User remarketing to “close the deal”
  • Always respect the consumer by monitoring the frequency of ads



Remarketing is a powerful tool that is remarkably underused by online marketers. A lack of awareness around remarketing has resulted in a lot of missed opportunities.

Contributed by Kate Rasmussen, Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc

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