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PPC Trends of 2012 Webinar Recap

Mar 14, 2012   |   Speaking Our Minds
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PPC Trends of 2012 Webinar

Thank you to all the attendees at the webinar. We had a great turnout with some very thoughtful questions. All of the questions are listed and answered below the slides.

As always, if you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments below and our panelists will answer them asap. If you have any other feedback or would like to suggest a topic for future webinars, please feel free to do so in the comments as well – we love feedback!

If you missed the webinar, or need a recap on some of the items covered, the slides from the presentation are below:

Q&A from PPC Trends of 2012 Webinar:

    1. Are tablets considered mobile or desktop?
      For the webinar we only focused on mobile devices and did not touch on tablets. For now I would consider tablets and desktop together. However, if you have a significant amount of traffic to your website from a tablet device I would recommend creating a separate tablet campaign (specific tablet keyword research and adcopy).


    1. Where do I find my Quality Score?
      Quality Score can be found within AdWords under the keyword tab.
      AdWords Quality Score


    1. Is quality score based on a campaign or the history of the customer?
      Both – The history of the campaign plays a role in calculating the Quality Score.


    1. Does quality score work the same way for PC and mobile?
      Yes – you will see quality score for all keywords you are bidding on whether it is PC or mobile.


    1. Can a hotel bid without fear of penalty from Google on a competitors phrase? For example, can a Westin bid on the phrase “Downtown Marriott Hotels”? Will Google penalize you if you utilize this strategy?
      Milestone does not recommend bidding on a competitor’s name. Google and users will notice that the adcopy and landing page do not match their search query. You can bid on your competitors phrase but most branded names are trademarked so that ads will be disapproved if the brand name is used.


    1. Is the common Quality Score just for Google or for other search engines as well (or on each)?
      Each search engine has its own quality score.


    1. I have a lot of keywords/campaigns with low Quality Score but there doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason why it should be getting dinged. I have very specific keywords that are included in their search term, my ad, my landing page and my meta data. What should I do when I feel my Quality Score is inaccurate?
      I would first look at the Click-through-rate (CTR) of your adgroups – you may notice that the number of impressions is very high while the number of clicks is low. If this is the case then the CTR will be low which impacts your Quality Score.


    1. So if we have a DMO in the area with friends we could target their fans specifically in a campaign?
      You can target the fans of your page specifically, but you can also choose to target people who “Like” various topics and/or brands. Bear in mind that with Facebook, this type of targeting doesn’t only mean people who clicked the Like button on specific brand pages. Facebook also looks at the types of things people fill out in their profiles, types of words they use in posts, links they share, and more.
    2. Has the new Facebook “timeline” taken away from a welcome tab?
      The new Timeline has removed the ability to set a custom tab as the default landing area when somebody visits your page. However, Timeline has also opened up several other marketing opportunities to alleviate this change. Stay tuned to the Milestone blog for an update on Facebook Timeline in the next few days, but the short workaround for this from a paid marketing strategy is this: create your promotion/welcome tab and include a fan gated element, then create a Facebook paid campaign that drives users directly to the URL of your tab rather than your timeline. This is a very effective way of marketing and increasing fan count.


    1. Please give some examples as effective ways to engage with guests on Facebook.
      We have several posts on building successful social media campaigns:
      Building Buzz on Facebook from the SMX West 2012 Experts
      The Benefits of Acknowledging Fans and Followers
      Tips to Encourage Your Social Followers to Share Your Content
      Tips For Optimizing Facebook News Feed for Hotels
      Top Ten Tips for Getting Facebook Fans – Webinar Recap


  1. How are you going to help set up at our property all of these networks?
    We offer assistance in many levels from simple Q&A to full management of all campaigns. If you have specific questions about anything you saw today, or anything you’d like to explore more, please feel free to contact [email protected].
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