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Does Pay-Per-Click Affect Organic Ranking?

Sep 21, 2017   |   SEO
Does Pay-Per-Click Affect Organic Ranking? Milestone Inc -, Milestone Inc.

One of the questions our clients often ask is whether conducting pay-per-click advertising will impact their organic rankings? The truth is that it is very difficult to prove a direct connection between a PPC campaign and organic rankings.

However, despite this statement, one of the BEST ways to increase organic ranking is with an aggressive PPC campaign. Below is a good explanation of how running an aggressive pay per click campaign can increase your site’s organic ranking.

When optimizing any website we choose keyword phrases to integrate within the body and the META tags of the web pages. However to see the organic effect of these keyword phrases can take a very long time. This is where PPC comes into play. PPC enables the advertiser to bid on the keyword phrases and get instant data which can be transformed into critical information.

After a few weeks, we can analyze the results of a PPC campaign and begin to formulate ideas on how to effectively improve a site’s organic strategy. It is quite simple to determine which keyword phrases are the most popular and thus optimize your page organically for those keyword phrases.

Looking further, instead of analyzing how many people are searching for a particular term, it is much more useful to see how many people are converting due to a specific keyword phrase.

In terms of your PPC campaign, conversion is measured mainly via Click-thrus’ (meaning how many people searched a phrase, found your result, and landed on your page). Thus, the keyword phrases with a higher click-thru rate (CTR) are the keywords you should be optimizing your website for.

This is probably the most practical view of how PPC can affect one’s organic ranking. Even though there are rumors out there, that by advertising on GoogleAds, this can positively affect your Google organic results. However, there is no scientific evidence behind such statements. In conclusion, it is best to use PPC as an information tool that reveals some truths about the way people are searching and what they are clicking on.

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