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10 Things to Supercharge your SEM Campaigns

Aug 19, 2010   |   Conversion Best Practices
Supercharge your SEM Campaigns

10 Things to Supercharge your SEM Campaigns

Speakers: Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO of WPromote Inc. and Michael Stone, Vice President, Sales & Strategy of WPromote Inc.


Michael Mothner and Michael Stone of WPromote provide invaluable advice on how to supercharge our SEM campaigns. Here are some of the highlights:


Creating Amazing SEO Content:

  • Content Ideas:
    • Create a blog and host it on your domain so you gain relevancy
    • Add a forum to your website – this is a great way to encourage customer/client interaction
    • Always try for 300 words per article
    • Blogging Tips:
      • Submit to blog directories
      • Create an editorial calendar for posts
      • Encourage employees to add to the blog – create a blog rotation
      • Reach out to Guest bloggers
      • Tag content for search engines

Be Timely, Seasonal and Hip!

  • Change your website messaging as the seasons change
  • Add a snowman, jingle bells, etc. and remember! Not everything is going to seem rational or logical but it will increase conversions

Social Tools & Widgets on Websites:

  • Social media widgets show that you are relevant and current, but you don’t want to distract your customers by giving them too many options to leave your site
  • Encourage interaction and keep it interesting
  • Craft your message per the keyword the user searches

Learning to think outside the box is crucial to a successful SEM campaign.

Contributed by Kate Rasmussen, Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc.

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