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Five Tips For Adding Fresh Content To Your Website

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Tips For Adding Fresh Website Content

Contributed by Manisha Kumar, Director of Client Services

Google recently announced a further update to their algorithm, which favors fresh content and up-to-date relevant results. In light of the update, it is critical that marketers keep their website content as fresh and up to date as possible. Here are five tips on how to keep the content fresh on your website or blog:

  1. Update your blog or site with information about local events: The most effective way to add fresh content is to provide information about local events in the area as people are constantly looking for things to do.
  2. Update your specials and offers on the site: Keeping your specials page updated and seasonal not only ensures new content, but also relevancy of content as everyone is searching for deals, specials, and discounts.
    Tips For Adding Fresh Website Content
  3. Content related to a holiday or event: Uploading recipes, games and tips around a holiday or event is yet another easy way to add fresh, relevant content. For example, sports events, holidays like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day are perfect themes for adding related recipes, games, and tips content.
  4. UGC reviews: UGC reviews are great because they not only provide fresh and unique content but also help increase conversions on the website. Having a UGC reviews on the site is highly recommended.
    Tips For Adding Fresh Website Content
  5. Press releases: Press releases are a great way to add freshness of content because they are highly informative, timely, and can be well optimized.  Press releases should also be uploaded on the site along with sending them to third party distribution for best SEO practices.
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