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Yahoo!: What’s New?

Oct 25, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
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1. Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox – The new Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox integrates Yahoo! Live Search Technology, so when you type a search term on the Yahoo! Toolbar, you’ll also see the most popular searches that are relevant to what you’ve typed. For example, if you typed “santa clara hotel” on the Yahoo! Toolbar search box, you’ll get search suggestions like “santa clara hotels,” “santa clara california hotels,” “Marriott santa clara hotel,” etc. It also gives you suggestions for search terms that do not begin with the search terms you typed. This feature helps immensely in understanding what else your target customers are looking for while surfing online.

2. Yahoo! Launches New Site Explorer Tool – Given that Google Sitemaps were so popular among webmasters, as it would let them communicate with Google directly and fix issues on their site, it seemed that Yahoo! was lagging behind on this technology. Not any more! Yahoo! recently announced the launch of Yahoo! Site Explorer, which allows webmasters to communicate with Yahoo! and use it to:

• Show all sub-pages within a URL indexed by Yahoo!
• Show in-links indexed by Yahoo! to a URL
• Submit missing URLs to Yahoo!

Yahoo! Site Explorer is geared towards the users needs, providing 50 results by default, web service APIs, the ability to export data to a TSV file for further analysis, as well as free submission for missing URLs. Check out the site at:

3. Yahoo! Trip Planner- Yahoo! Trip Planner is an exciting new tool that simplifies the research, planning and sharing of trips online so that you can create a customized, printable take-along travel guide. It allows you to tag information found on Yahoo! Travel and the rest of the Web and bring it into one slick AJAX (Yahoo! Maps) interface. You can choose to share your trip with anyone – from a friend to the whole world. If there is another user’s shared trip that you like, you can copy it and build from there instead of starting your travel planning process from scratch. The result of this online community is a fun sharing of valuable travel experiences – a living atlas of travel information for users to add, draw from and explore the world together. Check out:

Yahoo! Trip Planner – How it can help?
• Lets users plot the top trip plans from thousands of destinations as chosen by Yahoo! users on an interactive map using the new Yahoo! Maps. You can then zoom in and pan to find a trip that’s right for you.

• With the Trip Journal interface, users are able to share their first-person, post-trip narrative, the good and the bad, with fellow travelers. The Trip Album within the Journal is fully connected with Flickr (, so your photos can be displayed with a few clicks.

• Recommendations from Yahoo! Travel Guides for hotels, things to do, restaurants, shopping and entertainment are automatically served up for users who want easily accessible information as they add new objects and destinations to their trip plans.

4. Yahoo! Jumpcut – Yahoo! acquired an online video editing service called Jumpcut in efforts to be competitive with Google, who recently partnered with MySpace and launched Google Video. Yahoo! Jumpcut allows users to create, share and find video online. This will be another valuable way for hotels to promote their videos online, similar to YouTube.

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