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What People Won’t Tell You about PPC/SEM

Sep 04, 2008   |   Web Design and Promotion
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PPC is still relatively new to most of us; however it is a great targeted converting tool that can bring visitors/consumers/shoppers to your website.

Here are three areas to consider while creating and monitoring your PPC Ad-Groups.

  1. Keywords: Keywords more than 4 ‘tokens’ are given a bad quality score. Keep the keywords that you insert into each ad-group limited to the primary focus, too many keywords per AdCopy are bad. The keywords chosen for each ad-group should be relevant to the landing page that visitors will be taken to.
  2. Campaigns: Make sure your Ad is geared toward you primary focus/message that you want to get across. Create solid Ad-Copy Variations and make sure they are linked to the relevant landing pages. Each Ad should contain content that resembles the content on the directed landing page. Start out with a few small targeted Ad-Groups and expand once you start seeing returns.
  3. Tools: Gain competitive intelligence into your competition. Analyze your top competitor’s Ad-Groups, expand your keyword analysis & dig deeper to help your Ad-Groups perform just as well.
  • – look into landing pages of competitors.
  • (paid) – keyword analysis
  • – demographic based reporting.

Once you grasp the concept of creating and running a solid Ad-Campaign, expand and grow, look into what your top competitors are doing, and utilize the various tools available to enhance your own Ad-Groups.

Contributed by: Meredith Aylward, Milestone Internet Marketing

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