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Website compatibility checker tools

Nov 30, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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compatibility checker tools

Here are some of the tools you can use to ensure that your website passes some of the basis SEO tests. These tools will provide you information on historic site pagerank, backlinks and more.

Historic Pagerank Tool:

  • SEO toolbox provides existing moz pagerank as well as historic page rank. Information on historic page rank serves you to know if the website’s relevancy has been increasing or decreasing, over time. To know your historic page rank, go to:


Backlinks Checker Tools:

  • Yahoo siteexplorer : It provides accurate result for backlinks using by using the following command: “”
    • Go to:
    • Enter: “” in the “Explore URL” text box.
    • Hit the “Enter” key. You will only backlinks to this domain, excluding links from internal pages and from the same domain.
  • Backlinkwatch: It will provide backlinks of the site in addition to the number of outbound links for backlinks page. Here is how you can use backlinkwatch:Go to:; Enter URL: e.g.; it will show the following result:
  • Google Webmaster: On google webmaster “Links to your site” provides backlinks for the site. To use this feature:
    • Login to your Google webmaster account.
    • Click on site whose backlinks you want to check
    • Expand “Your site on the web” option and select “Links to your site.” It will provide backlinks of the site along with pagerank as shown below.

Contributed by: Lipi Bhavsar

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