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How to Update Hotel Website Content Based on Google’s Semantic Search

Apr 24, 2012   |   Hotel, Web Design and Promotion
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Google’s Semantic Search

Google has gone through several updates in the past few months from the emphasis on Google+ to the most recent Panda update. Now, Google announced it is going to implement “semantic search” within the next few months. So what is semantic search? Basically, Google is focusing more on relevant and useful results&. For example, when you search for “Disneyland”, you will also see other key attributes that Google knows about the theme park, such as admission, location, parking, nearby hotels, etc. It’s a movement by the search giant to giving searchers beyond just information. With this change, your website needs to provide more valuable and relevant information to gain Google’s attention. For hospitality business, it is also a great opportunity to review its website content to ensure fresh and relevant information is always available and updated.

1. Define your “location advantage”

For hotel industry, you still most likely focus on “local search”. Besides “city + hotel”, “city + resort”, often times, potential guests would start from “vacation destination search” such as “Yosemite National Park”. Therefore, hotels can define the location advantage and define which attractions can be enhanced with relevant content.

2. Research, Research, Research

Using “Yosemite National Park” as an example. When people search for this famous national park, what do they want to know? To figure out what’s relevant to “Yosemite National Park”, you might find interesting topics from travel sites or guests review sites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, Yahoo Answers, etc.

3. Provide Unique and Relevant Content

Once learning about what the potential guests want, you might find many people discussing about restaurants near Yosemite National Park. Then you can provide local dining info on your hotel website to be more resourceful. If you have onsite restaurant, event better! it’s a good opportunity to talk more about your restaurant or awesome brunch.

4. More Opportunities

Besides local attractions, think outside of the box! If your guests are talking about “romantic room with New York City view”, then definitely mention about the great view on your accommodation page to promote the deluxe suites or rooms. Besides, think about local events, provide event information, map, and maybe create a special package to drive traffic into actual revenue.

After all, the best way to react Google updates and changes is to keep doing the best SEO practice by providing quality content with targeted keywords. With good content, you will be shared, liked, linked, ranked, and found.


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Contributed by Alice Lee, Sr. SEO Specialist

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