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How Do You Optimize For Universal and Personal Search?

Nov 12, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Optimize For Universal and Personal Search

We just attended a great session in Vegas in Pubcon 2009. Session was about Universal and personal search.

Christine Churchill, Owner, Sugarrae Internet Consulting

Amanda Watlington, Ph.D., Searching for Profit
Bruce Clay,
President, Bruce Clay, Inc.
Brian Combs, Principal, ionadas local
Greg Boser, President, 3 Dog Media

Very first speaker is Amanda and she talked about looking for clues on what search engine likes and display in the search engine result to optimize listing.

  1. Clue 1 – Search engines are looking for scalability
    Check how fast is your site, how fast it loads, use site maps to inform search engines, use Yslow tool to check performance of your site.
  2. Clue 2- Avoid Duplicate Content because having duplicate content is like having a mice. Once its gets into house, it is very hard to get rid of it.
  3. Clue 3- Localize your content.. Local results are on the top of the search results.
    Claim your business listings, optimize for local search, secure local links
  4. Clue 4- Fresh content – keep your content current all the time . Search engine do not want outdated content.
  5. Clue 5- Search engine what’s to give accurate and precise results for better user experience with video and image search etc. . Include that as part of your optimization efforts.

Bruce Clay talks about how he took one article, scanned the article, used the article as an image and as an PDF.. Word in the image on PDF got index faster than jpg. Bottomline, optimize your pdfs. Google is redefining what is called content. It is just not HTML any more. They are indexing video, audio, PDF. There are site map.xml files available for video, audio, images etc.

Brian Combs talks about importance of map and local optimization.. They are above organic, they draw attention, less competitive, have higher conversions. Here are few things you can do to optimize local listings.

  1. Optimize your local listings by claiming your listings, enhancing profiles, uploading video’s, images, etc.
  2. Optimize your website with local information – Make sure to put local information such as phone number, address, keyword, location etc on the website
  3. Links coming from main IYP’s and relevant local websites are displaying accurate and consistent information (also called citations)
  4. Populate social media sites such as images, video etc.

In conclusion, every one focused on looking for clues Look what search engine are displaying in the search results and focus on. Video, images, social media, local are few keydriver for optimizing universal and personal search.

Contributed by: Benu Aggarwal, Milestone Internet Marketing

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