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The Art of Engaging Digital Consumers [Video]

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How To Compose Content For People in the Digital Space


In the realm of search marketing, it is essential to understand your audience and create engaging content that captures their attention and taps into what they are looking for. As a starting point, we define our users, learn about their interests and develop compelling, natural sounding content that keeps people engaged and on the page.

Remember that the consumer is the final judge of how good your content is, and that they impact conversion based on their interaction. The power of content is based on how much time users spend on a web page, if they click to additional pages, the social engagement and if they leave comments or reviews.

The Philosophy to Keep In Mind:

  • Understand your user and what they need
  • Determine the intent of your content
  • Develop fresh content to enhance the interaction
  • Engage the user to convert and capitalize on the medium

Watch our video above to get a sneak peak on creating successful engaging content that inspires consumers to buy, share and interact.
Contributed by:
Robin Kessler, Content Manager
Emily Gibson, Content Manager

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