“Spyfu” on Your Competitors

Published: Feb 29, 2008

You can easily see what keywords your competitors are optimizing their website on, but what about the keywords they are bidding on? Nowyou can with an analytics database called Spyfu.

Spyfu lets you spy on the keywords your competitors are buying. In addition, you can see approximately how much they are spending, whether that spend has increased or decreased over time, and also their average cost per click. This data allows you to gain valuable insight to how to optimize for your own campaigns based on the research you did on your competitors.

The site is powered by Velocityscape Web Scraper Plus+, which constantly extracts data from search engines, Alexa, Dmoz, Wikipedia, and other sources.

Visit www.spyfu.com to use the tool


Contributed by: Karen Lo, Milestone Internet Marketing

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