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Going for the Gold – Optimizing for the Social Media Pay Day

Nov 25, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Going for the Gold

This session covered a wide array of social media tools and strategies, focusing on some things companies can do to increase social media ROI.

Dixon Jones
David Snyder, Co-Founder, Search & Social, LLC
Jay Berkowitz, ,
Rebecca Kelley, Director of Social Media, 10e20
Reem Abeidoh, Social Media Strategist, Outrider

The first presenter was Rebecca Kelley from 10e20.

Rebecca asked the question: where’s the ROI in Social Media, aside from the accidental viral take-off?

Some tools you can use to drive traffic and build back links:

  1. Leverage Digg – it can lead to a lot of back links, increasing rankings for a specific article or news release.
  2. Reddit – Also try releasing compelling articles and press releases on Reddit. For example, Expedia offered – “Flights to Mars” from only $99 (with links at bottom for actual product you want to sell).
  3. Delicious – On Delicious, work on building a loyal audience / readership – good for tutorials, resources posts.
  4. StumbleUpon – SumbleUpon is good for building traffic, mindshare, and subscribers. You can also use it to build a loyal follower base.
  5. Twitter- Twitter also drives traffic, awareness, and followers. Use it to share links & deals and promote contests.
  6. Facebook – traffic is stickier, so it’s good for building brand loyalty, promoting deals and sales. Victoria’s secret “Spotlight” tab is a good example of this:
  7. Facebook ads – really helpful for building your fan base.
  8. Linkedin – great for building relationships & connection. One way is to answer questions in the answers section.

The second presenter up was Reem Abeidoh of Outrider. Reem talked about some of the most effective ways of using social media for marketing – specifically focusing on branding, rather than sales.

  • Use social media as a branding tool, not as a direct marketing tactic
    • Customers are increasingly selective about who they will interact with online. They are also spending more time comparison shopping via social networks.
    • Customers are active on multiple sites.
    • Prospective consumers depend heavily on opinions of peers & social networks.
    • Customers don’t care about your marketing message.
    • Identify where your customers are active, and create measureable strategies that you will then monitor.
    • Match the right content with the right audience at right time and right place.
  • Good examples: Dell & Best Buy empower their employees to get directly involved in social media.
  • Interplay of search & social media – consumers using social media are 1.7 times more likely to search with the intention of making a list of brands or products.
  • Before you even get started, you should define your success metrics.

Next up was Dave Snyder of Search & Social. Dave’s presentation was called “Put Social Before Money”, which focused on ways companies can make money though social media without putting the product before the customers.

  • How can you make money though social media?
    • Customer service
    • Customer retention. Customer retention equals revenue & cuts marketing costs.
    • Links / search engine rankings.
  • Don’t put the product before the consumer
  • Build a site to house your family- build a customized site that matches your demographic and the social needs of that segment (instead of trying to build a community on your ecommerce site.
    • Ex.
    • Let people know where your community is though sites like reddit & delicious
    • Turn your friend into a customer by offering products & services they want and creating incentives & offers.

Jay Berkowitz, who wrote Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing covered some great social search strategies.

How people are searching in social media:

  1. Instant search.
    1. use tweetdeck to organize searches & follow searches
  2. Crowd Sourcing – ask your network for advice.
  3. Social Media Subscriptions – networking with friends.
  4. People search – on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  5. Youtube- it’s the number 2 search engine, and few marketers make use of it.
    1. only 41% of users are focusing on marketing through youtube
    2. target 2-3 keyword phrases, using the full title description & tags
    3. add videos to playlists, add captions & subtitles

How we can use social network to build search results:

  1. Dominate SERP
  2. Peoplepond – PR for individuals
  3. Facebook fan pages (they get indexed by Google). Try adding a sign up box, so you fans can instantly sign up for your newsletter.
  4. Social media transcriptions – post transcripts of videos & interviews
  5. Web 2.0 links,
  6. Social link bait

Some of the key points form this session are focused around the nature of social media-it’s not a medium that will drive a lot of conversions. Instead, you should focus on using social media for customer service, customer retention and building relationships instead of marketing. Also, don’t focus on just one social media platform, and don’t forget about SEO and backlinks.

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