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Running Effective PPC Campaigns on Facebook

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Effective PPC Campaigns on Facebook

PPC Advertising on Facebook is set-up differently than other PPC advertising because it is specifically for Facebook and no other platform.

Contributed by Christy Smith

To get started with your PPC campaign, log into Facebook and click on Advertising at the bottom of the page – or simply click here:

You do not have to have a Facebook profile to do PPC on Facebook; however it does help to have an understanding of the social networking site before beginning to advertise. You may want to create a profile or group page first and spend so time on the site to have a better idea of what it’s all about.

Part 1: Developing Your Ad:

When you begin to create an ad on Facebook you will want to start off by thinking about the following:

1: Type of Advertising
You will want to decide whether you want to advertise your independent website or if you want to advertise something on Facebook itself like your hotel profile page, an application or a specific group page or event.

If you already have a Facebook profile or group then you can drive traffic to your Facebook page and use it as a landing page for more information about your hotel, event, package or group.

Or, you can send them directly to your site if you do not have a Facebook page, group or profile and want to promote something specific on your site outside of Facebook.

Whichever you choose make sure that the page you send them to referrs to the specific information the ad is promoting.

2. Create Your Ad
You are in charge of creating your ad’s look and feel. You will want to write clear, concise text to target your audience. Be sure to include a call to action in the copy. You will have a title which can be up to 125 characters and body, which can have up to 135 characters.

3. Photo
You also will have the ability to add in a relevant photo to show off your property or event at the hotel. Make sure the photo isn’t too busy, as you will only have a thumbnail space about 110px wide by 80px high.

Part 2: Targeting Your Audience:

Once you have successfully completed your ad, you will want to decide how you would like to target your audience on Facebook.

1. Location:
Decide where you want to target your ad. Choose a country first, and then decide if you want to narrow down by state, city or province.

2. Age & Sex
You can decide if you want to target a specific age group or a certain sex when creating your ad. If you are selling a girls weekend getaway package, then you know you only want to target women, making your ad more efficient.

3. Keywords
Choose keywords that are relevant to your ad and that are a fit for what you are trying to market. Keywords are based exclusively on Facebook user profiles and the information users list on their profiles, so you will want to stick with broad keyword phrases. Try activities, locations, or broad keywords that people would talk about on Facebook.

4. Workplace, Relationship & Languages
The last step is deciding whether you want target a specific workplace, organization or group. You can also decide if you want your target audience to be singles or couples and then you can even narrow that down to men or women specifically. Lastly, you can choose a target language for your ad.

Part 3: Campaign & Ad Pricing:

The last step to completing your ad is to figure out how much you want to spend on the ad campaign.

1. Ad Name & Daily Budget
Give your ad a name so you can keep track of it and also decide on your daily budget. The minimum spend is $1.00 a day. Decide how much you want to spend based on how broad or specific your target audience is.

2. Schedule
The next step is deciding when you want your ad to run. You can choose to have it run continuously or you can choose a specific time period that you would like the ad to run.

3. Pay for Clicks & Pay for Views
Lastly, you will want to decide on whether you want to Pay for Clicks or Pay for Views.
If you choose to pay for clicks you will bid on how much you are willing to pay for each click. Facebook will display your ad in the Ad Space and the amount you are charged will never exceed your daily budget.

If you choose the Pay for Views you will bid on how much you want to pay for every 1000 impressions of your ad. Facebook will display the ad in the Ad Space and you will never be charged more than your daily budget.

Advertising on Facebook can be a great way to target groups of people or specific niches on this social networking site. Whether you want to advertise a great room rate at your hotel, a special package, an upcoming event, or sell your property as a great wedding location, there is a niche for your ad.

When beginning to create your ad on Facebook make sure to read the FAQ and do your own research before jumping in. Make sure to write clear, concise ads that have a call to action and that speak to your audience in a friendly informative way. Facebook is a great way to market your hotel, and you can get started for as little as $1.00 a day.

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