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Relationship Between Modern Day Customers And Traditional Advertisers

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Relationship Between Modern Day Customers And Traditional Advertisers

The Break Up” is a wake up call to all marketers who have followed the traditional methods of advertising. Consumers are now evolving towards a new wave of communication. Advertisers who are not participating in social media channels are not ‘hanging out’ in the right places and are losing out on great prospects. Social media gives buyers a unique opportunity to reciprocate input in real time.

The Break Up





Traditional Advertiser’s Point of View

  • Campaigns on TV commercials, print ads, radio stations
  • Broadcasts & announces special promotions to a wide audience
  • Reactive approach to social demands
  • One way conversation

Modern Consumer’s Needs

  • Open dialog and interaction
  • Genuine marketers with integrity and character
  • The feeling of importance and participation in a group with similar interests

In order to save this relationship, the advertiser must LISTEN and RESPOND to the consumer’s needs. Communication on both sides is essential to foster an open relationship. Here are a few ways to get started:

The Compromise

  • Advertisers should participate in Social Media channels to increase interaction and “stickiness” of campaigns.
  • Create a buzz about something that the consumers will converse about (start the dialog).
  • Offer time sensitive special promotions to add a sense of urgency to interact with each other.
  • Monitor your online reputation and respond accordingly

Contributed by: Mariko Kato, Milestone Internet Marketing


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