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Quality Inn Wine Country – Revamp

Jan 29, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Quality Inn Wine Country

Design Summary Although the “Before” website’s design was clean and easy to navigate, but dark color scheme not only affected the website´s look and feel, but also gave it a cluttered facade. The “After” (revamped) website has a livelier appearance and cleaner look with the use of a vibrant color scheme. Featuring cheerful lifestyle images also gave the hotel’s website a pleasing tone. Moving the “Book Now” feature to the top left corner of the page and giving it a sharper contrast to the background made it easier to find and increase the conversion rate.

What Milestone Did?
Updated website algorithms Refreshed design
New keyword research to pinpoint demand Refresh content
New Meta tags – title, alt, h1, h2, description Use of lifestyle photos

quality inn revamp

Results Since the website revamp in August 2008, the Quality Inn Wine Country has experienced an average increase of 36% in unique visitors in year-to-year month comparison. The average monthly internet bookings has nearly doubled as well.

Client Testimonial The new site really helped in increasing traffic, conversion, click through to reservation page, organic ranking and actual booked revenue. It is great to revamp site after few years. New site is built on latest search technology, have latest keywords, and include most updated conversion factors.
-Cindy Lok, Owner

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