PPC Advertising – Google should not be your only solution!

Published: Aug 27, 2008

Most advertisers focus on advertising only on Google AdWords, and with good intentions. If we were to spend efforts on advertising, targeting the biggest search engine makes the most sense. However, many advertisers can be missing out by only focusing on Google as there are many big and small search engines out there with good quality traffic.

During a session called “Everything but Google”, Sage Lewis, SEM expert and President of SageRock.com, concluded that the 2nd and 3rd tier search engines are equally as effective. He pointed out that Ask.com, Quigo, as well as PerPayPost.com (which is a site where one pays a blogger to create a buzz) has generated great success for his clients.

In addition, the CPC he is paying on Ask.com and Quigo.com is only a fraction of what he is paying for Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  So PPC advertisers out there, please do not forget about the 2nd and 3rd tier search engines! You could be missing a lot of good cheap quality traffic.

Contributed by: Karen Lo, Milestone Internet Marketing

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